Everton Away Shirt 16 17 Closeup Numbers

New Everton Away Kit 2016/17 | Umbro & EFC unveil navy & salmon alternate shirt

This is the new Everton away kit 2016/17, Everton FC”s new alternate strip for the upcoming Premier League season. Made by Umbro, the new EFC away shirt was officially unveiled on 13 July, 2016, two months after the club released their new 2016/17 season home uniform

This kit is inspired by Everton’s one from the 1890/91 season, when they clinched their first ever league crown. The jersey is predominantly navy with a salmon layer on the inside, with the latter colour also appearing on the cuffs and the v-neck collar.

Inside the back of the neck are Goodison Park’s co-ordinates- a standard feature for Umbro’s teams this season.

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Everton Away Top 16 17

Everton Away Shirt 16 17 Closeup Numbers

Everton Away Jersey 2016 2017

10 thoughts on “New Everton Away Kit 2016/17 | Umbro & EFC unveil navy & salmon alternate shirt

  1. Les Glum

    This makes perfect sense, when Everton play away against a team wearing blue, they will be able to change from their blue home kit to their blue away kit…… hang on, change from blue to blue, that’s the same colour isn’t it?

  2. Gary

    Really nice. I like that Everton often experiment with more unusual colours, as their results re usually quite tasteful and different.

  3. Asher H

    Aren’t most teams who wear a colour similar enough to the blue so the away kit needs wearing going to clash with that too? I do like it though

  4. Marc

    “Inspired by” the 1890/91 kit… that shirt was actually all pink, not navy and pink. (This was back in the days when the League required every team to wear a different colour.)

  5. Gevin

    @Asher H
    It’s such a dark shade of navy (particularly from a distance when it blends with the flecks of orange showing through) that it would probably be considered black, not blue, and would be allowed. It’s down to the discretion of the referee in the end.

  6. Frank Lee Madeer

    It’ll be one of those kits that the team wears away from home when they don’t have to wear a change kit. Like against Stoke.

  7. soemon lysdexic

    @Les Glum
    Umbro normally make a 3rd kit for Everton, so i’d expect that to feature. Rumour has it that the 3rd kit will be orange!

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