Pink Sunderland Kit 2016 17

Pink Sunderland 3rd Kit 2016-17 | Adidas SAFC Third Shirt 2016-2017

This is the new Sunderland third kit 2016/17, SAFC’s new second alternate strip for the 16/17 Premier League season. Made by Adidas, the new SAFC third top was officially unveiled on June 8, 2016 by the Black Cats.

Adidas have opted for a pink and purple combo for Sunderland’s third kit, which also features contrasting slashes to create a hooped jersey. The hoops however do not extend to the back, which will be fully purple.

Deep purple shorts and socks with pink trim complete the look of the new SAFC third uniform.

Dafabet will be principal shirt sponsors, as can be seen in the pics below.

Pink Sunderland Kit 2016 17

Sunderland Third Top 16 17

Sunderland Third Shorts 2016 17

Sunderland Third Socks 2016 2017

10 thoughts on “Pink Sunderland 3rd Kit 2016-17 | Adidas SAFC Third Shirt 2016-2017

  1. Albert

    What is it about football now a days & this obsession with pink ?

    Sunderland Pink & Purple your having a lugh Sunderland will be the bigest joke in the Premiership next season with this joke of a kit.

    0 out of 10 from me for this expensive toilet paper of a kit that is the only thing this I got for.

  2. mac1985

    A risky decision to have a pink & purple kit, this will split opinions, I like pink and quite like the kit but if someone said “I hate it” I’d fully understand why. Im giving it a thumbs up though!

  3. Paulie

    This had absolutely no right to succeed, but it’s fantastic! The design is superb and the colours just gel. Best PL kit I’ve seen so far for next season.

  4. Creo!

    i love this colour combination with the kit design. the only two downsides for it are that 1. it’s a third choice kit for what’s at best a mid-level club, meaning there won’t be much opportunity to exhibit it on the road, and 2. Sunderland?! really, adidas? if you have the capacity to create such a decent kit, then why not choose a better club for it?

    and before i get pounced on for my remarks i just want to say that i’ll be bating my breath for the Black Cats to pull a Leicester miracle before i can eat my words. till then, i stand by the opinion that they don’t deserve anything as good-looking as this.

    @Albert colours are nothing to be scared of, and if their new season transpires in the same way that their previous season had for most of the year, it won’t matter if they play their football in gold-laced outfits or jockstrap bikinis – they’d still be a joke whichever the case.

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