Morton reveal new kit for 2016/17 after scrapping old one due to fan backlash

Weeks after unveiling their home kit for 2016/17 and then scrapping it owing to a fan backlash, Scottish Championship side Greenock Morton have now released another new uniform for the upcoming season, chosen by fans.

1,185 fans participated in the poll, and option 4, featuring pinstripe hoops and a yellow panel, won by around a 100 votes.

The winning kit garnered a total of 472 votes, beating off competition from the retro hoops (Option 3- 370 votes) and tartan hoops (Option 5- 272 votes)

The top will be paired with predominantly white shorts and socks.

There will be some minor differences in the final product though. The placement of the Millions logo will be revised, with the sponsor expected to sit entirely within the white hoop.

In accordance to SPFL regulations, the player shirts will have a blank space on the back, while supporter tops will see the hoops go unbroken around the body.

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Morton New Kit 2016 17

Morton New Top 16 17

The two options that came 2nd and 3rd in the vote

Morton Kit Fan Vote Option 3

Morton Shirt Fan Vote Option 5

9 thoughts on “Morton reveal new kit for 2016/17 after scrapping old one due to fan backlash

  1. Sean

    Would have liked option 5 to have won, but good on the club to make the switch and hear the voices of their fans.

  2. Albert

    If I was a Morton I would go for option 5.

    The pinstripes hoops would look very very close to the last Celtic home shirt buy Nike if it was Green & not blue I wonder why that could be.

  3. AndytownPaddy

    It’s also good that on the supporters options the hoops will be going all the way around the back.

  4. Jonny

    That’s brilliant. Great to have fans be able to vote on their clubs new kit. Why don’t Football clubs do this more often?

  5. ajc70

    Its the Celtic shirt from a few years back which is no bad thing as its a stylish design.

  6. Vince

    How ironic is it that their previous garbage kit’s sponsor was the 1$ thing and now, they bring this more than decent shirt with the sponsor “millions”!

  7. Bud

    Asking the fans to vote is a great idea. It’s good that they both agreed on the same one.

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