TSG Hoffenheim Away Third & Goalkeeper Kits 2015-16

We showed you the new Hoffenheim home jersey when it was released a few weeks ago, and the club have now added to that release with the unveiling of their new away and third kits.

Hoffenheim’s new away shirt will be predominantly yellow, while the third will be blue. Also worth a look is their goalkeeper strip- a funky green creation from the Lotto stable

Pirmin Schwegler und Jin-Su Kim are here seen modelling Hoffenheim’s new alternate uniforms for the upcoming German Bunesliga season.

Hoffenheim are currently in the second season of a five contract with Lotto that started in the 2014/15 season, with the Italian company replacing Puma. The German brand had a six year association with Hoffenheim, who got promoted to the German top tier back in 2008.

Hoffenheim Away Jersey 2015 16

Hoffenheim Goalkeeper Kit 15 16

Hoffenheim Third Shirt 2015 16

Hoffenheim Away Kit 2015 16

12 thoughts on “TSG Hoffenheim Away Third & Goalkeeper Kits 2015-16

  1. peter

    I think the third kit is quite nice and the worst kits so far for me are Montpellier… Too many sponsors.
    Hoffenheim- home 7/10
    Away 6/10
    Third 9/10

  2. Paulie

    As a whole, I think Lotto have done a brilliant job here. Especially with these three.

    They are all completely different to anything else out there this year, and a refreshing change from the divisive Puma, boring Nike, and arguably great Adidas templates.

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