Posh Home Kit 15 16

New Posh Home Kit 15-16 Peterborough United Home Shirt 2015-2016

This is the new Posh home kit 2015/16, Peterborough United FC’s new home strip for the upcoming League One season. Made by Nike, the new Posh 15/16 home shirt was officially unveiled at the Serpentine Green Shopping centre on July 5, 2015.

The shirt’s a different shade than the royal blue that Posh fans have been used to having in the past, especially when you see the colour on the badge and the rest of the jersey. The shirt features a collar, and white lines on the flanks, complementary to similar ones on the shorts. The strip is completed by white socks.

White is also seen on the shoulders. Mick George are again principal sponsors, with Snaxgroup sponsoring the shorts. The goalkeeper shirt will be green.

The likes of Conor Washington, Michael Bostwick and Marcus Maddison are here seen modelling Posh’s new 2015/16 home kit.

Posh finished 9th in the 2014/15 League One season, just six points off the last playoff spot.

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Posh Home Kit 15 16

Posh Home Strip 2015 2016

Peterborough Home Kit 2015 16

8 thoughts on “New Posh Home Kit 15-16 Peterborough United Home Shirt 2015-2016

  1. Albert

    Teamware Nike template dull as ditch water just like a lot of Football clubs the U.K over even the England kits are Nike Templates for God sake stop with the templates.

    We dont like them,we dont want them dont give us something other teams all ready have give us something creative and diffrent.

    If clubs dont start giveing us distinctive kits like they used to then boycott the club completely or in the case of England just stop buying kits. It is the only way to get the point across.

  2. Moza

    Standard catalogue template yet again. The colour is good and it looks quite smart but that said, its another template!

  3. scout

    yet another expensive polo shirt. I think nike should be more creative. This one took 5 seconds to design.

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