New Boro Strip 15-16- Adidas Middlesbrough Home Kit 2015-16

This is the new Boro home shirt 2015/16, MFC’s new home strip for the upcoming season. Boro’s new strip has been made by Adidas, and was officially unveiled on May 14, 2015 by the club.

Boro finished 4th in the 2014/15 Championship season and the top will go on general sale on Friday, just before the second leg of Boro’s Championship playoff semifinal against Brentford

Boro lead 2-1 from the first leg at Griffin Park and the winner of this tie will meet either Norwich or Ipswich in the final at Wembley.

New Boro Strip 15 16

New Boro Top 2015 16

Boro Home Shirt Closeup

11 thoughts on “New Boro Strip 15-16- Adidas Middlesbrough Home Kit 2015-16

  1. Merry Christmas

    Aberdeen fan here. Now jealous ‘cos we asked for white pinstripes for years, but we’ve got fifty shades of red instead. Grr.

    Thanks Obama.

  2. Albert

    Ha ha Merry Christmas thats life get your self out of the 80’s.

    pinstripes are hard to pull off on football tops few pinstripe football tops look good only club that I have ever seen pull it off is Carlisle United a few seasons ago and that only worked it was duble pinstripes.

    Remmber Scotland had a pinstripe home top and it was terrible.

    Feel sorry for Middlesbrough fans haveing to put up with this trip next season.

    Glad I am a Carlisle United / Ayr United fan.

  3. James

    Reminds me of Liverpool crown paints sponsored shirt from when I was a kid. I like it

  4. KitCritic

    Hope we won’t see it in the Prem-Norwich City fan. Still a nice kit though 8/10

  5. lee

    it will look good because its pretty much ripoff of the all red saints kit umbro did for them

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