New Sevilla Kits 14/15- Warrior Sevilla FC Home and Blue Away Shirt 2014/15

These are the new Sevilla kits 2014/2015, the new kits for Europa League champions Sevilla as they embark on the 14/15 La Liga season. The kits have been made by Warrior Football.

The new Sevilla home top is predominantly white and red (as you’d expect from Los Rojiblancos) with blue used for the alternate shirt

Blue Sevilla Shirt 2014 15

Jersey Sevilla Away 14 15

New Sevilla Away Kit 14 15

Sevilla Home Shirt 2014 15

Sevilla Away Kit 2014 15

Sevilla Home Kit 14 15

13 thoughts on “New Sevilla Kits 14/15- Warrior Sevilla FC Home and Blue Away Shirt 2014/15

  1. Akmed

    why does sevilla warrior kits always look a million times better than liverpools warrior kits?

  2. tim

    the blue away looks like a nice tennis shirt. i cant tell if i like or dislike them. maybe ill have to see them on the field before i decide…

  3. karen creber

    oh dear me……what a nasty set of kits, warrior have a habbit of making a really decent kit or a really awfull one as above.

  4. RealChelsea

    are those really kits for the footballers??? the blue ones are terrible – rakitic must be right to leave!!

  5. Hello, how do you do?

    @karen creber
    I agree that they have a habit of making good and bad ones but these are good ones to me.
    liverpool’s purple 3rd one was a bad one.

    away 7/10
    home 8/10

  6. sammy

    Please Seville get a sponsor bcoz a jersey without a sponsor JUST ISNT RIGHT……!!!!!

  7. baker

    it’s not the best kit but at least warrior is trying something different unlike some of those nike and adidas generics

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