New Tottenham Kits 14/15- Under Armour Spurs Jerseys 2014/2015 Home GK Away

These are the new Tottenham Hotspur kits 2014/15, THFC’s new home and away kits for the upcoming Premier League season. The new Spurs 14/15 strips have been made by Under Armour and were officially unveiled on July 18th, 2014 by the Lilywhites.

The designs of the new Spurs 14/15 uniforms are inspired by former player and manager Bill Nicholson. The home kit is a traditional lilywhite shirt with navy blue horizontal stripe running across the chest. A jacquard runs across the shoulders which includes the words ‘Echo of Glory’ taken from their manager’s quote – ‘It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory.’

One can also see a pattern inspired by the famous gates which lead up to White Hart Lane on Bill Nicholson Way on the shirt.

The new Spurs away kit 2014/15 is black in colour, with a yellow highlight visible down the front of the black shirt, with the 11 stripes signifying the number of trophies won during Nicholson’s reign.

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New Spurs Home Kit 14 15

Echo of Glory Spurs Kit 2014 15

New Tottenham Home Kit 14 15

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Tottenham Away Kit 14 15

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21 thoughts on “New Tottenham Kits 14/15- Under Armour Spurs Jerseys 2014/2015 Home GK Away

  1. Sean

    The kits are not bad, but I think Under Armour and AIA have scored an own goal by putting the sponsors logo in RED.

    Probably too many curves (!) in the home kit, but the echo of glory and the gates are a decent addition.

  2. Paulie

    I love them. Best Spurs kits in years.

    I disagree that the red logo is a bad idea, I think it adds to it if anything.

  3. Akmed

    @Paulie i have to agree with you on this. anybody feel free to correct me on this but yellow trim on their outfield kits was last used by tottenham in the 2009/10 season so its nice to see that return also mansion’s logo was red when they were a sponsor weren’t they at that time as well

  4. THFC4ever

    Top class and the goalkeepers away kit, which is purple may not b shorten here but I love out

  5. Moza

    Not too bad at all but I would of changed the sponsor on the home kit to match the navy blue.

  6. Hello, how do you do?

    Home looks ok but don’t like those awful collars- 6/10
    Away is nice- 8/10

  7. yacob

    terrible. I like arsenal and these are terrible. They will destroy toronto fc tonight though

  8. dan

    It’s the 10th anniversary of Bill Nic’s death, the reason for the quotes. I see people are also asking about the yellow back in the kit….well Bill Nic introduced yellow into the spurs kit.
    So, 11 stripes
    and yellow trim all to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the first side to do the double in the 20th century and first british side to win a major european trophy.

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