New Blackburn Rovers Kit 2014/15- Rovers launch new Nike home shirt with Zebra Claims as Sponsor

This is the new Blackburn kit 14/15, Blackburn Rovers’ new principal shirt for the upcoming 2014/2015 Championship season. Released by Rovers on 14th July, 2014, the new home kit has been made by Nike and features a new sponsor in the form of Horwich-based claims management company Zebra Claims, who will take over from Regulatory Finance Solutions (RFS).

However more than the actual kit itself, it is BRFC’s kit launch video that has come in for a fair bit of flak, with some dubbing it “the worst kit launch video” ever. And after watching Alan Birkbeck’s “birdysdate” video below, we think you’ll agree too.

Birdys Date Blackburn Kit 14 15

Blackburn Zebra Claims Sponsor

12 thoughts on “New Blackburn Rovers Kit 2014/15- Rovers launch new Nike home shirt with Zebra Claims as Sponsor

  1. Paul W

    I like the new Blackburn kit. I like the black trim. I even like the sponser’s logo all in all very nice indeed. Good job Rovers.

  2. Sean

    Rovers have made a laughing stock of themselves. The sponsor supposedly has a net worth of just £95 according to companycheck.

    And the dreadful video with a “sexy” old man, don’t get me started on it….

    Shame on the marketing department for resorting to such tactics to get media attention.

  3. Brian87

    As long as there am option to purchase a sponsor-less shirt I am happy. I am far from pleased with who they have chosen to sponsor us this year. As for the video, it was for a laugh and I got a chuckle out of it. Birdy is a local legend!

  4. Paulie

    The video probably doesn’t mean anything to anyone outside of Blackburn – but the dude’s most likely a legendary fan.

    Either way, that shirt is great.

  5. Moza

    Not sure about the black trim, but I like the lighter shade of blue and general design. The sponsor, jeez!

  6. chris bramley

    nice to see the change in the shade of blue. Harks back to the Simon Garner days! jury’s out on the black trim, but overall is really nice. the shorts are pretty slick and simple too

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