New Greece World Cup Kit 2014- Nike Greek Jerseys 2014-15 Home Away

These are the new Greece kits 2014/2015, Greece’s new uniforms for the 2014 World Cup and the other part of the 2014 season. The new shirts, made by Nike, were officially unveiled on March 4, 2014.

The home shirt is white with a blue polo collar and blue cuffs, while the change shirt reverses the colours from the home shirt. Home shorts and socks are white, while away socks and shorts are both blue, as can be seen in the pics below.

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New Greece World Cup Kit 2014

New Greece Home Shirt 2014

Blue Greek Football Shirt 2014

Greece World Cup 2014 Jersey


20 thoughts on “New Greece World Cup Kit 2014- Nike Greek Jerseys 2014-15 Home Away

  1. Creosote

    it’s pretty, although i expected a little more this time around. would have made sense to me for one of their kits to be striped.

    Ahmed Al Jahidi :
    Give them a break boys, they can just about afford to pay for an away kit.


  2. Kolby

    I actually think these are really nice… the polo look is good, and whenever I see them I want yogourt.

  3. Costa

    you have not got a clue sean, get back in your box learn about football then grow a pair, if there play was so predictable how did they win the EURO ? @Sean

  4. Costa

    when was the last thing England won again sean ??? your probably a manc supporter as well pmsl

  5. PARIS


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