New Bayern Munich Third Kit 2013/14- FC Bayern Adidas Champions League Jersey 2013/2014

This is the new Bayern 3rd kit 2013/14, FC Bayern’s new European/UCL jersey for the forthcoming season. Bayern are of course the holders of the current Champions League crown, having beaten compatriots Borussia Dortmund in the final of last season’s tournament at Wembley.

The new Bayern UCL jersey was released on July 23, 2013 but the shirt had been on sale at some very reputable online outlets before the release date itself.

The shirt uses different shades of blue, with red Adidas stripes running down the shoulders.

New Bayern Munich Champions League Kit 2013 14


17 thoughts on “New Bayern Munich Third Kit 2013/14- FC Bayern Adidas Champions League Jersey 2013/2014

  1. Eoin


    The star is for domestic leagues won, not for the champions league, the stars symbolize having won over twenty titles, Dortmund have two because they have won about six

  2. Eric

    Not too fond of it.
    For a third kit, why don´t adidas come up with something original, like with the most third jerseys of French clubs. Wouldn´t buy this if I were a big BM fan.

  3. James

    @Paulie: No, it’s not missing a star. Stars are awarded for reaching certain milestones in terms of Bundesliga titles, NOT Champions League trophies. 3 Bundesliga titles = 1 star, 5 titles = 2 stars, 10 titles = 3 stars, 20 titles = 4 stars.

  4. Mathias

    From a 30+ year Bayern supporter, this thing is terrible and I just saw an Adidas ad for it so this is correct, I saw this a month ago on this page and prayed to God that this was not our Uefa kit but it really is and its awful…as a matter of fact I don’t like the way this off-season is shaping up at all./

  5. Scouser

    it’s something new but i don’t like it, especially the collar. could be worse though.

  6. sukza suku

    did not know my orlando pirates(SA) could give us something faaaaaaar better than this poor workmanship!

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