New Malaga Kit 13-14 Nike Malaga CF Jerseys 2013-2014 Home Away Third

These are the new Malaga kits 2013/14, Malaga CF’s new home, away and third jerseys for the forthcoming 13/14 season. Malaga’s new kits have been made by Nike and were officially unveiled on 4 July, 2013 by the club. Malaga finished 6th in La Liga last season and also reached the quarterfinals of the Champions League before losing to Dortmund

The blue and white striped shirt is obviously the home kit, with the navy top being the away kit and the orange jersey serving as a second alternate/third kit.

Thanks to Daniel

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Malaga Home Jersey Back

New Malaga Kit 13 14

Malaga Home Shorts

Malaga Away Kit 2013 14

Malaga Away Shirt Back

Malaga Away Shorts

Orange Malaga Jersey 2013 2014

Malaga Third Jersey Back 2014

Malaga Third Shorts

25 thoughts on “New Malaga Kit 13-14 Nike Malaga CF Jerseys 2013-2014 Home Away Third

  1. Sam

    wow! amazing kits, although the away is a little too simple, the home kits is awesome, classic malaga but love the swap to white on blue rather than blue on white, and the dark blue collar and sleeve ends are a very nice touch, lovely kit, and the orange kit its pure class, great kits

  2. jrmy

    i like how the kits look really simple. The home kit looks really nice and i love the third kit because of dat orange!

  3. Eric

    I like the dark blue collar, matches good with the white and light blue.
    Dark blue away jersey is just too simple, looks more like a training jersey. Could´ve added light blue collar and light blue and white details, as opposed to home jersey.
    Third jersey is… like a fresh picked naranja. Good.

  4. Football Kit News Post author


    Yes you did :), but Daniel sent it in before. Your support is appreciated though.

  5. Froggy13

    Why do they need three kits ? I thought they were out of European Compétitions…

  6. skeel hart

    home kit, from the back = man city kit
    away kit = usual template nike
    third kit = nike’ve copied from joma (valencia)….what a shame!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. ABolt

    These may possibly be my favourite kits ever made. I can not pick a fault with any of them. They’re all simple and classy and those numbers are perfectly designed. Good job Nike and Malaga.

  8. TheFenian

    Effective design and beautiful colors; formula for success. It’s a pity that they won’t be involved in any of the european campaigns due to their poor finances.

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