New Hull City Home Kit 2013-14 Adidas HCAFC

This is the new Hull City home kit 2013/14, HCAFC’s new home shirt for the 2013/2014 Premier League season. The new Hull home shirt, made by Adidas, was released on July 3, 2013. The shirt is a black and amber striped one, as can be seen in the pics below and is again sponsored by Cash Converters.

New Hull City Home Jersey

Robbie Brady Hull City Kit 13 14

Hull City Home Shorts

21 thoughts on “New Hull City Home Kit 2013-14 Adidas HCAFC

  1. Sean


    Big change from the last kit.

    No stripes on those, and there are stripes on here.

    Templated effort there, but I like this more than the blue away kit.

  2. Carl

    Yet another reasonable effort subsequently ruined by the inclusion of ludicrous bat wings. I am increasingly confident Bruce Wayne is running the design department at Adidas.

  3. Loco Loco

    Did Adidas forget that they are in the Premier League now. Please Adidas try and show some class.

  4. jrmy

    i really hate this template. Used way too much and it looks bad :(. crest is also in a weird place on the kit.

  5. Michael

    Pretty standard template stuff, still don’t like the logo positioning as with the Sunderland kit. Overall not bad though.

  6. Samo

    Its alright i think take out the black on the sleeves and then you have a nice jersey . I LIKE the away better but this one is a let down

  7. Big Red

    The “bat wings” don’t look to bad, it blends in with the stripes. Adidas’s badge placement isn’t great either, still looks good enough though.

  8. Eric

    Nice kit, but, that sponsor.
    I think it would be nicer if they’d embroided the letters in white directly on the shirt.
    The white background makes it annoying.

  9. barcead

    this kit is similar to west brom new away kit and their both release from adidas -sorry if my engglish not good because i’m Indonesian-

  10. Max

    Yep, the white background of the sponsor’s logo spoils the overall aesthetics of the kit.

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