New Reading Kit 13/14- Puma Reading FC Shirts 2013-2014 Home Away

These are the new Reading kits 2013/14, Reading FC’s new home and away shirts for the forthcoming Championship season. The new Reading FC kits have been made by Puma and were officially unveiled on July 1, 2013 by the Royals. Reading finished second from bottom in the Premier League last season and were relegated to the Championship.

Again, we see the Puma King template in use on the new Reading kits, which again have Waitrose as principal shirt sponsors.

Home, Away and Goalie shirts ( in that order) in the pics below.

Thanks Stephen

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New Reading Home Kit 13 14

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Reading Home Shirt

Reading Away Kit 13 14

Reading Away Shirt 2013 14

Reading FC GK Shirt 2013 2014

21 thoughts on “New Reading Kit 13/14- Puma Reading FC Shirts 2013-2014 Home Away

  1. Michael

    It looks really cheap and tacky to me. The collar is the standard embarassing Puma effort, the logos are all poorly positioned and it doesn’t look like it will fit well. Its a shame because Reading could have a really nice kit and the concept for the away kit is actually OK. Puma are a joke when it comes to football kits.

  2. jrmy

    i actually hate this overused template but the home kit is not bad and the away kit looks gr8 coz of the colours

  3. Octavia

    That effing collar again! Are clubs even offered a choice by Puma? I honestly thought they would have better sense

  4. nnn

    Since the advent of squad numbers, Reading have struggled more than most to get the backs right on their kits.

  5. karen creber

    again the collar is awfull but saying that the away effort is a decent effort,at least its different.

  6. Issa

    The both kits (i.e. the home and away) are acceptable. But I would prefer to transfer to adidas instead of puma. The puma design is not attractive and there is no creativity in it !!!!

  7. Luka

    I prefer the bigger hoops like last season, look to much like QPR. I like that there are no hoops on the back of the home shirt. We have had two really good kits in the last two seasons, but this kit just another average kit

  8. Lobster

    The home kit is decent, but the waitrose logo is too high up, the away kit is AWESOME and so is the goalie kit. All round, nice job puma!

  9. Stephen

    There will be the Marussia logo just below THE ROYALS on the back. The supporters shirts won’t feature this however as the deal was done after production of the replica shirts

  10. Tom

    I knew this would happen, vile shirt. Defiantly won’t be buying it! Poor effort by Puma as per usual..

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