New RKC Waalwijk Kit 2013-14- Hummel RKC Home Shirt 13-14

This is the new RKC Waalwijk jersey 2013/2014, Dutch club RKC’s new home kit for the forthcoming Eredivisie season. The new RKC 2013/14 kit has been made by Hummel and was officially unveiled in the last week of June 2013 by the club. RKC finished 14th in the Eredivisie season. The shirt, sponsored by Mandemakers,also contains the slogan “You’ll never wolluk alone”, as can be seen in the pics below.

Hummel RKC Waalwijk Shirt 2013 2014

New RKC Waalwijk Jersey 13 14

RKC Nieuwe Shirt

8 thoughts on “New RKC Waalwijk Kit 2013-14- Hummel RKC Home Shirt 13-14

  1. Carl

    It’s just me, but arrows pointing down on a kit are a bad omen. A tenner on them for relegation.

  2. Sean


    Wouldn’t be a bad bet given their yo-yo in status in the last few seasons.

    If that happens though, I think Hummel might have to stop making shirts 😉

  3. Michael

    Kind of reminds me of the old Sweden kits from the 90’s, back when Chevrons were in. Apart from that MASSIVE logo of course

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