New Millwall Kit 13/14- Macron Millwall FC Shirts 2013-2014 Home Away

These are the new Millwall shirts 13/14, Millwall FC’s new home and away kits for the forthcoming Championship season. The Lions finished 20th in the Championship last season, two places and points above relegated Peterborough. The new MFC strips have been made by Macron and were officially unveiled on June 26, 2013 by the club.

The new Millwall kits feature Prostrate Cancer UK on the front and also have a special badge to celebrate 20 years at the Den. Liam Trotter and Paul Robinson are here seen modelling the new kits.

Millwall are waiving off commercial fees, meaning that sponsorship is free for the charity.

Millwall Home Shirt 2013

New Millwall Away Kit 2013 14

21 thoughts on “New Millwall Kit 13/14- Macron Millwall FC Shirts 2013-2014 Home Away

  1. Sean

    Are Millwall trying to rebuild their reputation by associating with charities?

    That being said, great to give it free to the charity.

    Kits not so good I’m afraid, the “sponsor” looks like a sticker, gives a cheapish look.

  2. Carl

    I dislike the sponsor “sticker” which looks ludicrously cheap (you can see the stripes underneath it, ugh) but this is still better than last season’s monstrosity.

  3. Charles

    The kits do have a very retro feel to them (late 70’s or early 80’s in my opinion) and yes, the logo may be a sticker……But at least someone is drawing attention to one of the biggest health issues that men face, thank you!

  4. karen creber

    been better in a royal blue………but then the “wall” dont sell to many replica shirts.
    they have a better dressed “type” of supporter.

  5. Joe

    I’m a season ticket holder of Millwall, Cold Blow Lane upper, Block 8 and this kit is appalling. I dislike the new striped features. The sponsor is basically a sticker. I really do dislike it. It’s good that we’re supporting a charity, but at the end of the day, it’s the kit that disappoints me.

    Oh well.

  6. MFC96

    Awful kit, would look a bit better without those soppy stripes. Am all for the sponsor though.

  7. Walworth

    The reason it looks a bit cheap is because it was a quick mock-up for the press conference. That is to say the club had to put the sponsor on themselves in-house.

    The official versions will be done by Macron themselves & so won’t look ‘stuck on’. The club still haven’t received these yet, hence why we played in last seasons kit at Crawley yesterday.

    As for Ste’s comment – he might be interested to know that not only do Millwall have a number of black players, but a number of them have been voted player of the season in the last twenty years – Tony Witter, Tony Warner, Jimi Abdou, Tam Mkandawire, Danny Shittu to name a few.

    Also, as a percentage Millwall have more fans from ethnic minorities as season holders than most clubs outside the big premier league sides…and some of our most famous fans are black – Ian Wright & David Haye for example.

    The only reason the media go on & on about Millwall & racism is because of our hooligan rep. In their minds hooliganism goes hand in hand with racism. Ignoring the fact that the majority of Birmingham City’s hooligans are black, and that some of Millwall’s most infamous hooligans are also black or Turkish.

    But, carry on Ste…after all, no one likes us etc etc

  8. Aron Ayala

    Charity is a nice thing and all, but this doesn’t work at all. Though the stripes on the white kit work well.

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