New Sevilla Kits 2013-2014- Warrior Sevilla FC Home Away Jerseys 13-14

These are the new Sevilla kits 13/14, Sevilla FC’s new home and away shirts for the forthcoming 2013/2014 La Liga season. The new Sevilla kits have been made by Warrior Football and were officially unveiled on 1 June, 2013 in their game against Valencia

The predominantly white top with a red collar is the home shirt, while the predominantly red shirt is the club’s alternate uniform.

Piotr Trochowski is here seen modelling the new change kit.

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Sevilla FC 13 14 Home Kit

Sevilla FC Equipacion 2013 14

Sevilla New Shirt 2013 14

Sevilla Warrior Jersey 2013 2014

Trochowski 2013 Away

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13 thoughts on “New Sevilla Kits 2013-2014- Warrior Sevilla FC Home Away Jerseys 13-14

  1. Akmed

    soooo the away kit is liverpools home kit, so i guess sevillas home kit will be liverpools away kit then

  2. Sam

    sevilla’s kits are always so plain and boring, and seeing warrior was going to make this season’s kits i was kinda excited, but wow still same old white kit, red collar, and red kit with a bit of white on it, I know its good to keep tradition with the plain kits, but they are terrible.

  3. Jezza

    away has the same collar thing as liverpools away kit last season, although granted its really different colours and patterns. still kinda disappointing to see them copy their design

    home looks interesting though.

  4. Bry

    Absolute disgrace what they done with the badge. Surely children from the far east can sew a &**king decent badge!?! If not a good whipping is in order if you ask me or cut off one of their ears.

  5. skeel hart

    naaah, warrior just have money….no imagination at all… poor sevilla, li-ning did better!

  6. Zazeeqo

    @skeel hart

    How can you say they have no imagination. They come out with the most original, differnt kits. Adiddas are the unimaginative ones ,all they do is add the addidas stripes on the shoulders and change the colour of the kit.

  7. jrmy

    warrior should not make kits. They go too far and ruin the kits by trying to make it look cool and original. Always an epic fail 🙁

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