New Middlesbrough Kits 13-14 Adidas Boro Home Away Shirts 2013-2014

These are the new Boro tops, Middlesbrough FC’s new home and away kits for the forthcoming 2013/14 season. The new MFC strips have been made by Adidas and were officially unveiled on May 31, 2013. The new Boro home kit is a throwback to the kits worn pre- WWI by the club, while the away shirt is a blue and back striped one that evokes memories of the top worn in the Jack Charlton era

The Ramsdens logo are in white on both kits, with the away version, somewhat curiously, featuring a .tv in addition

New Middlesbrough Kit 13 14

Boro Home Kit 2013 14

Boro Away Shirt 2014

21 thoughts on “New Middlesbrough Kits 13-14 Adidas Boro Home Away Shirts 2013-2014

  1. Carl

    Sensing disaster and in a panic, Adidas decides maybe launching the white wings look on Boro’s long-sleeve jersey will avoid the ridicule brought about by the Stoke and Hearts launches.


  2. JonLCFC

    The home on is horrific, don’t know what they were thinking with all that white on the chest. And the sleeves?! They must be Sunderland fans, or whoever Middlesboroughs rivals are. The away kits nice, though

  3. Zoran

    Home kits are nice and original. So far all the kits released for next season are terrible. But not this boro home kit.

  4. Carl

    Wait until you see these kits on short-sleeved jerseys, and you will agree — the inane, laughable white bat wings are ludicrous. As noted, the reason they’re being shown on long sleeves with Boro is the negative reaction from Stoke and Hearts’ fans after the kit release pictures for the smae template came out in short sleeves.

  5. bed

    very nice home kit. it is the same template with stoke away kit except this one have two colour (red and white) which make it better. should make more like this

  6. PeteJF

    They look like armbands for toddlers learning to swim….DREADFUL…..I can only assume the armbands look is indicative of Boro’s upcoming struggle to stay afloat in the Championship

  7. n r t

    bloody awful home kit……the white arm bands look ridiculous…..and why black in your home kit?
    sorry boro fans….away kit looks ok…..seen it before though?

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