New England Football Away Kit 13-14- Nike Red England Kit 2013-2014

This is the new England away football kit 2013/14, England’s new change strip for the 2013 international season. This change kit has been made by Nike and was officially unveiled on May 26, 2013, days after Nike unveiled the new home kit.

The new England away top is red in colour and has two buttons on the placket to replicate the St.George cross.

Like with the home shirt, the three Lions crest is in gold to reflect the 150th anniversary of the FA.

Wayne Rooney, Jack Wilshere and co. are here seen modelling England’s new 2013/14 away shirt.

Wayne Rooney England Shirt 2013

England Away Kit Crest Gold

Red England Football Shirt 2013

England Away Kit  2013 Closeup

21 thoughts on “New England Football Away Kit 13-14- Nike Red England Kit 2013-2014

  1. Sam

    I think these polo shirts really suit England a lot more, they are more proper and classy compared to the the stupid round collar like on the home kit, I think for England simple is better too, I think its very good

  2. James

    They look like the essex boys off Gavin and Stacey with that button done up. Ben Sherman does England.

    Genuinely like the kit though.

  3. Mike

    Not good. I think it makes them look very…Essex-y. Also, what the hell is Sturridge doing in the picture? He looks like he’s swallowed a Hornet.

  4. Dan

    Nice Kit, but i would have done it so on the shirt from the middle to the bottom it would have fadded away into white.

  5. adirose

    Nike always make simple Jersey n sale it with high price..this kit sucks. I prefer Adidas & Puma, they know how to make good n eye-catching jersey

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