Pink Rangers Strip 2012/13- Gers launch new limited edition Charity kit

Glasgow Rangers have unveiled a new limited edition pink kit to support the Rangers Charity Foundation. Only 5,000 of these pink jerseys, designed by Umbro, will be made available for sale. £15 from the sale of every charity shirt will go to the Foundation.

The strip features a simple design with the Rangers and Umbro logos, as can be seen in this pic below.

Pink Rangers Kit

Rangers Charity Foundation Kit 2013

13 thoughts on “Pink Rangers Strip 2012/13- Gers launch new limited edition Charity kit

  1. Al

    when a club has to make up shirts like this, you know they’re cash strapped

    nothing to take away from the cause, but i think everyone and his dog knows the real reason for producing these kits.

  2. Darren Masterman

    And I suppose from ur negative comment and the fact ur obsessed with our great club ur a jimmy saville f.c fan? Fact is Celtic just released a totally pointless jersey not 2 weeks ago so mind the glass when ur chuckin the stones

  3. RGLA

    This isn’t even a strip this is just a top to raise money for the charity so shut your kiddy fiddling mouth Al

  4. tino

    uefa requirements mate, every team playing in europe must have a minimum of 3 strips… suppose you wouldny be aware of that cos yer banned from europe for being manky scrounging beggars and even if ye wheren’t you wouldny qualify anyway…

  5. Jimmy savvile football club

    No money beggars scrounging b**t**ds maybe but what’s worse the or banging f**k outs Alan Brazil’s backdrop when he was 10 year old?

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