New Norwich City Away Kit 2012/13- NCFC Black Away Shirt 12 13

This is the new Norwich City away kit 12/13, Premier League outfit Norwich City’s new away strip for the 2012/2013 season. The new NCFC away shirt has been made by Errea and was officially unveiled on July 26, 2012 by the Canaries.

Norwich’s new 12/13 away top is black in colour and is again sponsored by AVIVA.

Norwich’s new 12/13 home kit was already released back in April.

Norwich City Black Shirt 2013

NCFC Away Kit

Errea Norwich City Away Kit 12 13

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14 thoughts on “New Norwich City Away Kit 2012/13- NCFC Black Away Shirt 12 13

  1. Dheano

    Not a big fan of that. I think the sponsor colour should match the trim colour on kits like this – making the Errea, Aviva and the text such as NCFC on the socks yellow, but that’s just a personal preference.

  2. Luton Canary

    Don’t like it at all, looks like a training kit, and is very plain and boring. I loved last year’s away kit, this one is awful compared to this one.

  3. John

    Norwich have signed 3 of leeds’ best players over the last 2years. Johnson, Howson and now snodgrass

  4. cardiffcityfc

    well norwich have been known for there cheap rubish kits and this kit just carries on the traditoin
    but it is not the kit that matters its the football they play norwich are a great team with young exceptoinal tallent and could easily bat swansea anyday

  5. cardiffcityfc

    but one step forward to making a better kit and norwich to step out of there traditoin of having non fashionable and cheap kits is to change the make erra are a sunday legeu make or non leugue at the highest theres not many nice kits thve made bar the new bristol rovers kit. please take this comment in to consideratoin

  6. cardiffcityfc

    now im not one to talk when my clubs kit is not the greatest aswell not becuse of the msake just becuse on the design template is not good last years kit was probaly the best in the championship in my opinion but this years home kit is a let down but prehaps the away kit takes the bad feling and molds it into a nicer feling

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