New Red Cardiff City Kit 2012-2013 Puma Cardiff City Home Away Shirts 12-13

These are the new Cardiff City kits 2012/2013, Championship outfit Cardiff City FC’s new 2012/13 home and away jerseys for the forthcoming footy season. Cardiff City’s new 2012-2013 home kit is red in colour, marking a big change in tradition for the Bluebirds. The new CCFC 12/13 jerseys have been made by Puma and were unveiled on June 6, 2012. There is also a rebranding of the club badge, which becomes red in colour.

As mentioned abovve, Cardiff City have opted to go for a radical change with a red coloured home kit, while the away shirt for 2012-13 will be blue in colour. Red has been chosen because of the club’s aim to create an affinity between the cultures of Wales and Asia ( where the owners are based). The colour is held in high regard in both cultures.

Malaysia are again the principal sponsors of Cardiff City’s new 2012/2013 jersey.

Cardiff finished 6th in the 2011/12 Championship season and reached the playoff semifinals before losing 5-0 on aggregate to West Ham United.

Red CCFC Badge 2013

Cardiff City New Kit 2013

Red Cardiff City Jersey Malaysia 2013

Cardiff City New Shirt 12-13

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27 thoughts on “New Red Cardiff City Kit 2012-2013 Puma Cardiff City Home Away Shirts 12-13

  1. Hans

    Breaking with tradition won’t endear them to the fans

    It’s earned them plenty of publicity though, I think our kit release is getting more press coverage than some of the other kit releases from the Premier League

  2. Nate

    I think the owners have forgotten that red jerseys sell more in Asia because of the likes of Liverpool, Man Utd and Arsenal all have red tops

  3. Stephen

    Tom :
    Fans have already shown they do not want change, yet they do it anyway. Disgrace.


  4. Jason

    pretty smart actually, now the fans have to go out and buy the red kit images of wearing last years blue kit, or will the fans boycott the kit, I hope they do!

  5. Jambob

    so the owners asks the fans about changing from blue to red and they said no. weeks later the change the home colours anyway!? safe to say cardiff fans that ur owners are only in it for the money and dont give a shit about cardiffs history or the fans

  6. Luke Y

    I do hope that the Cardiff fans buy the away (what would’ve been the new home) and not the home (what would’ve been the new away).

  7. Nathan

    Dafaq…they changed their logo again? 3 logos within 10 years! What is going on those Welsh’s minds?!

  8. kristian evans

    it doesnt matter about the change of color or the badge we are still CARDIFF CITY!!!!!!

  9. Alexander Perkin

    No matter what colour they wear people will ALWAYS associate CCFC with Blue/White/Yellow (especially that faboulous Umbro outfit from the late 70’s/early 80’s)

    Just a shame that 100yrs of Heritage have been ruined on for the sake of a few quid! 🙁

  10. Baykaka

    Don’t forget, the seats at The Cardiff City Stadium are all blue and the outside of the stadium is blue, yellow and white so thats one thing they can’t change… hopefully.

  11. gooner boy1981

    red is much better. blue is Kings Road dishcloth. red is in the welsh flag, so be proud !!!

  12. Mr French

    We can are that Puma didn’t waste time designing this lower league club… Irrelevant… CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA!!!

  13. Rhys

    Nathan, It’s not the welsh minds, its English / Malaysian minds. I’d rather just keep the new version of the old badge.

  14. Eastern Fan

    Cardiff Fans must strike back and dont go on few matches. So with empty stadium, cardiff fc owner cant make money and he will back colours and badge. 🙂

  15. Ribcage

    Disgrace how they treated your club. Should all buy away shirts and fill your stadium with blue. Up the gas!!!

  16. Ribcage

    Not sure about the badge either. Looks like it belongs to a firefighters hall or something! Mind you I don’t like the bristol rovers one either.

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