New Liverpool Away Kit 2012-2013- Black Grey Warrior Sports Liverpool Jersey 12-13

This is the new Liverpool away jersey 2012/2013, LFC’s new away strip for the 12/13 season. The new Liverpool away 2012/13 top has been made by Warrior Sports and was officially unveiled on 4 June, 2012, just days after the club unveiled LFC’s new 2012/13 home kit and goalkeeper kit.

As you can see from the pics below, Liverpool’s new away shirt is predominantly black with yellow detailing. It also has a grey contrast panel and hints of red on the sleeves and the shorts. According to Warrior, this black grey kit is a tribute to Liverpool’s rich maritime history.

Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez are here seen modelling LFC’ new 2012/13 away kit.

Standard Chartered are again the principal sponsors of this LFC away top.

Black LFC Kit 2013

New Liverpool Away Kit 2012-13

Black Liverpool Jersey 2013 Warrior Sports

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41 thoughts on “New Liverpool Away Kit 2012-2013- Black Grey Warrior Sports Liverpool Jersey 12-13

  1. Lee Gerald

    Like a bib hanging on the jersey. Come on..they are adults earning loads of money per week. Please dont’t make them look like babies, although their actions sometimes look like one. Or maybe they always drool at the sigh of pretty ladies sitting in the stands.

  2. Massachusetts

    Looks good, two different style jerseys for home and away, bet everyone bashing it is just mad their jersey looks like a picnic table cover. Liverpool are going to surprise everyone this fall, City, Chelsea, LFC, MUFC. Rogers speaks spanish too. The jerseys look cool, living in MA Boston and Liverpool have always shared a special link, shutting up everyone with a top 3 finish and the Europa League Cup will be a start. Have a nice day!

  3. id rather walk alone

    Poor… looks like a wetsuit

    Even gerrard and donkey look miffed with it!

    Its the everton away shirt with a grey babies bib (good 1 lee gerald)

  4. kcob

    very bad…….warrior, stick to hockey and lacrosse…Liverpool deserves much better

  5. nav rayt

    If it didn’t have the bib it’ll be awesome. As for the button they obviously want the kit to be unique and I for one like that

  6. Mr French

    Hey, i tried to warn you people with my comment on the home kit… Liverpool is an American team now… Welcome to mass production… Going from Adidas to this generic rag is quite a shocker…

  7. muydiagha otojareri

    it is not fine its ugly come and look at Chelsea own its finer that away is finer by far

  8. Mr French

    Ok people, lets try to reply with less emotion… Just because you like a certain team, doesn’t necessarily mean that everything your team does or every kit they have is the greatest thing since sliced bread… I love Chelsea like a shark loves blood, not to mention, i love Adidas products equally as passionate… But even i can admit that i hated their kit last season… You should answer truthfully about how you feel about a kit and move on… Stop trying to stick it to the next person that gives an opinion…

  9. Carl H

    You know what, it’s not a terrible kit.
    Sure, the grey would definitely look better either as the same gold/yellow as the logos or gone altogether, but it’s hardly the worst away kit announced for the EPL this season.

  10. gooner boy1981

    better than Chelsea’s dire effort-the Bridge is gonna look like Gaylord Central this season – more so than usual anyway. they should just have been honest with themselves and gone with pink.

  11. MikeM

    I really think the grey ring around the neck shouldn’t be there… personally, the kit itself would look great without it.

  12. Kazac

    The grey should only be on the shoulder area it shouldn’t come down to the chest Chelsea’s is much smarter

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