New USA Soccer Jersey 2012-2013- Nike US Home Kit 12-13

Nike have unveiled USA’s new 2012/2013 soccer jersey, the home kit for the US soccer team during the 2012/2013 season. The release of the new USA soccer shirt 12/13 comes shortly on the heels of the release of the USMNT away 2012/2013 kit. This USA home jersey will be worn by the likes of Fulham’s Clint Dempsey and Landon Donovan when they take the field.

The new USA 2012/2013 jersey sees a return to red and white horizontal stripes and has a subtle tonal sash, as can be seen in the pictures below.

New USA Soccer Jersey 2013

New USA Soccer Kit 2012 2013

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23 thoughts on “New USA Soccer Jersey 2012-2013- Nike US Home Kit 12-13

  1. MOC

    Hey, Nike, you’re not designing a shirt for a Rugby team. And leaving that sash sublimated on there is just ridiculous. The blue away shirts look considerably better; heck, I might even be inclined to buy one of those. But this mess? No thank you.

  2. G G

    Are you serious? The home strip is a design which should have been established from day 1. Red and white strips is the flag and should be the home kit. USA have had a monotonous kit ever since I was born. So don’t be one of these football fans that only accept boring white or navy kits and criticise any kit with imagination or flamboyancy.

  3. marryman

    The 2012 kits are pure garbage. Thanks for nothing Nike. I wont be buying these and neither will many other US supporters. I for one will continue to sport my old red sash jersey.

  4. rod_hungwell

    @ryan broughton
    it was called soccer before it was called football. maybe you should do some research before you try to be a typical elitist euro trash SOCCER snob.

  5. Matt

    The first rules for the modern game as we know it were drawn up by the Football Association. Before then you could call it whatever you liked..but the game played today is and always has been football.

  6. Carl H

    This shirt is actually quite smart. It’s taken a while to grow on me, but I like it.

    With regards to this petty football/soccer debate, call it whatever you want, it’s still the same sport.

    The word ‘football’ can be used to describe whatever the dominant form of football is in a particular region.
    Australians for example (despite their FA changing the name from soccer to football in the mid-2000’s) probably more commonly think of Aussie Rules than association football when the word is used.
    Our American and Canadian cousins are more likely to think of their respective gridiron sports than association football.
    Some of our Irish counterparts may even think of Gaelic football as simply ‘football’

    As for the word ‘soccer’, be under no illusion, it originated in ENGLAND back in the 1880’s.
    Anyone slating the North Americans for calling it that is a moron.

  7. Steve Greening

    rod_hungwell :@ryan broughton football was a general term which referred to any sport played on foot, as opposed to horseback.

    ABSOLUTE BOLLOCKS!!! Football as in ‘foot on ball’ -not pick it up and run with it, or throw it down the field and catch it ball. FOOTball. (and i’m a Raiders fan)

  8. tyler

    bollocks? who are u people… by far best American kit ever, in any american team sport really. sorry it’s not so classy to be all white with more white and an umbro patch, bollocks.. please!

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