New Poland Kit Euro 2012- Nike Poland Home Away Jerseys 12-13

These are the new Poland Euro 2012 kits, Poland’s new home and away jerseys will be worn by the Polish national football team at Euro 2012. Poland are co-hosting Euro 2012 along with Ukraine. The new Poland kits for 2012 have been made by Nike and were released in November 2011.

The glaring omission in these new Nike Poland Euro 2012 kits is the eagle emblem and replacing it with the PZPN logo.

Poland are called the White-Reds and the predominantly white jersey in the photo below will serve as their Euro 2012 home jersey, while the other strip will be their away kit for 12-13.

New Poland Jersey 2012 Euro Nike

New Poland Kit 2012

9 thoughts on “New Poland Kit Euro 2012- Nike Poland Home Away Jerseys 12-13

  1. Raf

    Not by Nike coz federation gives orders about jerseys. Nike wanted to keep The Eagle but PZPN didn’t. Because of critisizm wave of supporters, politicans even prime minister and president, PZPN will discuss again subject of eagle. Probably it will be returned and placed on the middle of shirt between nike logo and the new logo of polish team.

  2. brad

    after waiting all this time, hosting the event…..and this is what they come up with…WTF Pathetic

  3. joe

    if you take a closer look at the new logo the eagle is kinda there…well at least the head and the beak wearing a crown

  4. Artur K.

    The Newer design is horrible….the people designing it must not have a design education, the nike, White Eagle, and PZPN logos are all the same size, and they clutter the top of the symbolic flag on the front. There is no visual hierarchy and the proportion are all wrong. Im a really disappointed, this is another embarrassment for me as a Pole.

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