Glasgow Celtic FC Jersey Home 2010-12 Nike

Nike have unveiled the kit Glasgow Celtic will be wearing at their home games for the 10-11 and 11-12 football seasons. This new Celtic strip has been sponsored by Tennent’s Lager, which is also sponsoring the Hoops’ arch rivals Rangers.

Nike has used the DRI-FIT technology in this Celtic kit to make it 15% lighter than previous strips. The most striking part of this 2010 Celtic shirt is the collar, which is white in colour with black detail.

You can buy this Celtic home shirt online from well known retailers Kitbag

If you live in the United States, Canada, Mexico or in any other Non -EU nation, then you can buy it from the World Soccer Shop

Celtic’s new home shirt has gone on sale from July 14.

Celtic 2010 Jersey

Celtic Home Kit 2010

52 thoughts on “Glasgow Celtic FC Jersey Home 2010-12 Nike

  1. Bap Shankill Road


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  3. tyler

    fuk of u baddie least our best players stay at our club coz they like our club

    ur a tool so dont rite on the webside again

    GOOD DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Peter

    I like the new top kinda… don’t like the lettering in the green stripes and it would have looked even better with the black parts taken out and replaced with gold… two changes would have made the top the better looking…

  5. paulcfc

    sorry but that has to be the worst celtic kit i’ve ever seen in my intire life horrrible the tennents is horrible the hoops are horrible HORRIBLE!!

  6. Davvy " RFC " McDavvster

    Paha ! Wtf is this garbage ? For a Rangers fan I would actually like this, But the diamonds or square’s on the green stripe’s ? Tbh that ruins the whole kit, to see a real kit go check out our new kit 😉 FOLLOW FOLLOW !

  7. Kat

    OMG!! I love Celtic, but what did they do to the strip!!! I loved the old one, and no way am I going to buy this one!! keeping the old one. 🙁

  8. cfc coco

    there huv been better celtic kits but that 1 is quite good, and the fact that all these huns are commentin shows how pish there top is cause the cant even look at it!!

  9. danny boy

    not bad not great and to the twats who dont belong on this web site goto robbies message

  10. champs 10

    what a pile of shit stick to abusing kids and we,l take care of the football. p.s good to hear the paras were bang on target. bloody sunday what a great day!!!!

  11. YM

    I’m a celtic fan, always have been and always will be. This new strips ok but the sponsorship logos on both our top and the blue nose mobs is pathetic.

    Another thing, when are you troglodite f**kers gonna learn that trying to type in a Scottish accent just makes our nation look retarded. Get a grip, grow up and go learn to speak and type properly.. You shame our nation!

    Both teams are shit, scottish footballs shit and the sooner you all realize we are a nation of footballing underachievers the better! Doesn’t matter who has won a european cup, we will never, ever see the likes again.
    Stop living in the past and grow a set of balls!

    M’on the hoops!!!

  12. YM

    He may be a ginger tosser, but he’s OUR ginger tosser.
    Celtic are gonna hump you lot next season!!

  13. CG

    @stwalker get over it your starting to sound like england and how they won the world cup 40 YEARS AGO build a bridge and get over it prick!!

  14. YM

    @stwalker – I think you’ll find it wasn’t the champions league back then. You know less than nothing about fuk all. If you’re gonna call yourself a celtic fan and try to be a keyboard hard man at least get your facts right! No scottish team has won the champions league and they never will because our football is dead. You’re a fukin idiot who wears a celtic top and uses it to call himself a fan and cause arguments. You don’t know the first thing about being a fan. Fuk, I’d be surprised if you went to 2 games a season if any at all. You’re a tnuc! Nothing more nothing less and you drag down the team with your short minded wee w@nker attitude.

  15. YM

    The UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup (CWC) was a football club competition contested annually by the most recent winners of all European domestic cup competitions. The cup is one of the many inter-European club competitions that have been organised by UEFA. The first competition was held in the 1960–61 season, and the last in 1998–99. The competition was then abolished to make way for a further expansion to the UEFA Champions League, with domestic cup winners now gaining entry into the UEFA Cup, later renamed as UEFA Europa League.

  16. GHOD #7


    G’on yersel!!
    People like this are muppets, and typing in ned speak is just riddiculous.
    You lot need to grow up! As part of a conversation Scottish words and language are very effective because we all know what they mean. But as he said, you make us look like total mongos!

    and the strips, lol both tops… You can argue all you like. They’re both the shittest seen in a long time! The tennants sponsor logos are horrible.
    Just like the football from both clubs has been for the past aaages. You all sit there thinking that just because we won a shit league in a shit country that it entitles you to act like you’re world beaters. The only reason we get into the Champions league is because they have to let us in. If it was down to footballing style and aptitude we’d be laughed at for even asking to enter.

    Our football league is a laughing stock! I hope in the future it can be fixed but I won’t hold by breath (because then I’ll turn blue ;). Stop looking at the world through Green or Blue glasses and start being reallistic and call it like it is! Be honest..

    I am a Celtic supporter but moreover I am a football fan. What happens in Scotland these days is not football. Its a wattered down piss take of what it used to be.

  17. joe

    im irish from the republic of ireland this new celtic jersey is brilliant good luck celtic and please win us the trophy like you won it in 1980 against those rangers scumbags

  18. El Swedgio

    How long will it take Celtic fans to realise that it isn’t designed to be washed and disintegrates upon contact with S – O – A – P?

  19. andy

    dont care what the kit looks like always a celtic supporters through and through! already brought so all u huns do 1! last season was urs but ur selling more than a car boot at the moment so u might not even make 2nd place this year haha hail hail

  20. Stouty

    Where can you buy numbers and letters that match the Celtic kit style? I have this top but no name or number

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