New Irish Football Top 2022

New Republic of Ireland Kit 2022 | Umbro unveil new Irish home soccer jersey

This is the new Ireland football kit 2022, the new home shirt for the Republic of Ireland for their games in the upcoming international season. Made by Umbro, the new Irish home top was officially unveiled on 11 March, 2022 and will be first worn by the team for the FAI’s centenary game against Belgium later this month.

The new Ireland football shirt is predominantly green, with the design attempting to create a field effect in the words of Umbro. The field design has been arranged in a manner that ensures every shirt is unique, and the kit has been launched with the tagline “This is our game”

The shirt also features white and orange on the sleeves as a nod to the Irish tri colour. “Eire” can be seen on the back of the jersey. The new Irish home kit will be paired with white shorts and green socks.

New Republic of Ireland Soccer Jersey 2022

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New Irish Football Top 2022

Eire on Ireland Football Kit 2022

New Ireland Soccer Kit 2022

New Irish Umbro Football Shirt 2022

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  1. Sean

    Ordinarily, I’d say this looks some kind of camo training top, but that bit about the field design on the jersey making every piece unique is intriguing.

    Are the 11 players on the field all supposed to be sporting different kits then?

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