New Inverness Caledonian Thistle Strips 2016/17 | Carbrini ICTFC Home & Away Kits 16-17

These are the new Inverness Caledonian Thistle kits 2016/17, Caley Thistle’s new home and away tops for the upcoming Scottish Premier League season. Made by Carbrini, the new ICTFC shirts were officially unveiled on 1 July, 2016.

McEwan Fraser Legal are front of the shirt sponsors, with and Allied Surveyors appearing on the back of the jersey. Subway appear on the shorts.

ICT finished 7th in the 2015/16 Scottish Premiership season. Caley Thistle will wear a blue and red striped shirt, paired with blue shorts and hooped socks at home, and white and black on their travels in 2016/17.

Check out more new 2016/17 SPFL new season strip releases here at

Thanks to our reader Nigel

Caley Thistle Top 16 17

ICTFC Home Top 2016 17 Back

Caley Thistle Away Strip 16 17

Inverness Caledonian Thistle Home Strip 2016 17

Inverness Caley Thistle Away Top 2016 2017

13 thoughts on “New Inverness Caledonian Thistle Strips 2016/17 | Carbrini ICTFC Home & Away Kits 16-17

  1. Fred

    I can’t fault it, but it’s rather dull and workmanlike compared to the club’s previous eyecatching kits, some might say classic but for a club that’s been in existence for 20 years and barely ever worn plain stripes there’s no such thing as classic.

  2. Bob Geldof

    Nice kits, I’d just get rid of the Cabrini logos on the arms and the word on the front. Just have the one logo nice and simple. But decent kits ?

  3. Albert

    I like both of them but prefer the
    home kit to the away one over all.

    A bit of a sponsorship overkill going on with Inverness Caledonian Thistle strips next season buy the looks of things that is & never will be a good thing in my view.

  4. Russel1311

    Surprised at the positivity, these look so cheap and nasty, especially when compared to past Errea kits. They look like they’d make your hair crackle when you take them off.

  5. Fred

    Most SPFL and EFL clubs these days have two to four kit sponsors. It’s how they make their money. A couple of Scottish clubs have even tried sock sponsorship!

    It’s the PL that’s the odd one out here, because it generates a huge revenue from worldwide TV rights so its teams only need one big sponsorship deal (usually from a global company) rather than several small ones.

  6. Waldschrat

    I miss black on the home kit. The blue, red and black did make ICT’s home kits always something special.

  7. Aussie Hibs

    Looks cheap. The blue and red both look too light compared to previous seasons. The Inverness badge is terrible and could really do with an overhaul. The sponsor looks very tinpot. The away looks like an off white and creamy which is weird.

    Only thing I like is the colour of the sponsor on the away shirt matching the kit and ICT badge. A real shame, as normally Inverness shirts look pretty good – shouldn’t be hard to get it right.

  8. ajc70

    They are both good. Managed to include extra sponsors without it becoming too intrusive.

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