New USA Olympics Soccer Jersey 2016 | Nike USWNT Rio 2016 Kit

This is the new United States Olympics soccer jersey 2016, a special edition kit that will be worn by the USWNT when they compete in Rio this summer. Made by Nike, the new US Women’s jersey was officially revealed on June 28, 2016

Nike have given the USWNT a new home shirt that will temporarily replace the current home one. The jersey features a red stripe down the right and a blue stripe down the left and has a blue USA logo on the front as IOC regulations prohibit the appearance of federation crests.

The current away jersey will however be retained, as can be seen in the pics below.

The United States have been grouped with France, New Zealand and Colombia at the Olympics.

USWNT Olympics Jersey 2016

US Womens Soccer Shirt Olympics 2016

USWNT Away Olympics Jersey 2016

USA Soccer Olympics Jersey 2016

3 thoughts on “New USA Olympics Soccer Jersey 2016 | Nike USWNT Rio 2016 Kit

  1. Paulie

    Nice kit, but by God, why? Temporarily replace? What a money-grabbing shower of pricks.

  2. Les Glum

    OOOH LOOK !!

    It’s exactly the same as every other Nike Kit !

    They are really earning their money in the Nike design office!

    “What shall we do with the new USA kit? I know, why don’t we use the same template as all the others , put a blue stripe on one side and a red on the other, change the socks a little and “hey presto” we have a totally new kit” !!!

    Dull, dull, dull ………….

  3. Derby

    Come on Nike put some effort in. These are awful at ridiculous prices. Get some new designers.

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