New Barcelona Kit 11-12 Home Qatar Foundation

The new Barcelona kit 11/12 ( 2011/2012) that newly crowned La Liga champions FC Barcelona will wear in their home games next season was officially unveiled on Tuesday, May 17, 2011 at 21.00 local time at the Nou Camp. The release of the new Barcelona kit 11/12 is special because it is the first time the club will wear a strip having a sponsor, which in the 11/12 season will be Qatar Foundation.

Various leaks of the Barcelona Qatar Foundation kit 11/12 had come on the internet, and the leaked pictures matched with that of the to official new Barca home strip. The stripes on the kit are thinner than normal, while the logo of UNICEF has now gone to the back of the shirt. There are a total of eleven stripes on the shirt, with blue shorts with yellow trim completing the 11/12 home kit. The new Barcelona home kit has again manufactured by Nike.

Click here for the black Barcelona away kit 2011/2012.

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Here are some photos of the the new Barcelona top 11/12.

Barcelona Home Kit Puyol

Barcelona Qatar Foundation Shirt 2011

New Barcelona Kit Qatar Foundation Leak

9 thoughts on “New Barcelona Kit 11-12 Home Qatar Foundation

  1. John Strider

    Where the hell is the UNICEF brand… I just love the UNICEF Brand assembled on Barca… I ain’t like Qatar Foundation on Barca Players… UNICEF Brand is good for Barca…

  2. Football Kit News Post author

    @John Strider

    The UNICEF logo has shifted to the lower back of the new Barcelona kit. That will be another issue as UEFA do not allow two sponsors on the same kit

  3. Kroner Derek

    Why is UNICEF not there, and what is Qatar Foundation? What does it do, compared to UNICEF. I think this will be the end of Barcelona. Qatar just bought its way into FIFA and now they want the name on the T-Shirt.

  4. Mabs Red Devil London

    That Barca top looks shi*!!!

    The Unicef logo was almost as iconic as the colours of Barca, but now the shirt looks like a championship / 2nd tier league shirt!!!
    Barca have sold their souls to the mighty dollar. Tut tut tut! Also, the stripes look awful! Worser than the new Liverpool top!

    Maybe instead of Qatar Foundation they should have put The Hollywood Foundation, seeing as they have so many budding actors in their team! Lol!!

  5. Michael

    Ugly Kit, But is has always been an ugly Kit. Thinner Strips make it look even worse.

  6. Nazar Ali

    i am a man utd fan but i respect barca but the stripes are too thin and the qatar thing just ruined it. still the best team in the world followed closely by Man utd

  7. Jim in NJ

    I hate Barca selling out to the Qatar group. It’s a major change in this most respected club. The shirt is ugly too.

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