Newcastle Home Kit 15 16

New NUFC Home Top 2015-16 Newcastle United Home Strip 15-16

This is the new Newcastle United home kit 2015/16, NUFC’s home shirt for the upcoming League season. The Magpies’ Premier League status is not yet confirmed, with supporters facing an anxious wait this weekend to see whether their side stays up. Made by Puma, the new NUFC home strip was officially unveiled on May 19, 2015.

The home shirt features black and white stripes. There’s also blue in the black stripes (or are they white and gold?). Wonga again remain principal shirt sponsors, and while the payday loan lender have just changed their logo, that change has not been incorporated into these shirts.

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Newcastle Home Kit 15 16

The release of this NUFC kit matches that of the the leaks shown earlier on this site

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Back of Newcastle Home Shirt 2015 16

Newcastle Home Top 15-16

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25 thoughts on “New NUFC Home Top 2015-16 Newcastle United Home Strip 15-16

  1. Idk

    There isn’t much you can do with stripes,but I really like how they add the blue to it. Its a nice kit, hopefully that isn’t the away.

  2. Hooch UK

    Shame Newcastle have a payday loan company as sponsors, just feels wrong somehow. Still let’s hope season they give it 1119%

  3. JonLCFC

    Very sad that the sponsor’s colour scheme is slowly taking over the kit. Still, it’s much better than last season’s ill-fitting, terribly designed headache

  4. yorkshireimp

    Bargain basement again from Puma; wonder if there was any design input from the best coach in the EPL ?

  5. Albert

    Just to mutch going on for a Newcastle United home to far to busy for my lkeing but the concept could work ok for an away kit for a diffrent club say Arsenal.

  6. Charles

    What can I say apart from YUCK! Too much white, the sponsor logo dominating the kit and of course no guarantee that the team will remain in the English Premier League. Let’s just hope they don’t charge 1509% interest if you buy the shirt on credit!

  7. Dan Safc

    I completely agree. I love this added blue to the black stripes. Although the back of the top would look much better black. 8.4/10

  8. Barni

    All the new Puma kits have a weird fit. I can’t get behind any of their kits. I kinda like the addition of the blue to the stripes.

  9. Daniel

    Given recent performance you can see why they think their colours are now black and blue.

  10. Pete

    The all white back is rubbish, front incorporating blue is quite nice though – 5.5/10

  11. Jonny

    C’mon people do none of you have any taste at all? This kit is amazing! Really nice design and I like the blue as well

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