New Finland Home Kit 14-15- Nike Finland Jersey 2014-2015

This is the new Finland home shirt 2014/15, Nike’s new uniform for the Finnish national team. The two parties recently inked a new deal that will run until at least 2020.

The kit is inspired by the colours of the Finnish national flag and has a v-neck collar, as can be seen in the pics below

Finland Home Shirt 2014 2015

New Finland Home Kit 2014 15

Nike Finland Jersey 2014

18 thoughts on “New Finland Home Kit 14-15- Nike Finland Jersey 2014-2015

  1. Derby

    Lovely, why didn’t Nike put a red band and red, white, and blue on the sleeves of the England shirt.

  2. tim

    ok. could have looked nice with a blue horizontal strip joining the vertical one- to make it look like the Nordic Cross on their flag. but an alright kit i guess, although very, very overused and unoriginal by nike.

  3. Creosote

    simple and clean. what little there is by way of design is the exact minimum required, and has been immaculately poised. great design.

  4. Sean

    Clean design, fair enough for a home kit.

    Would like to see the away kit too before passing judgement on whether the Nike move is good for Finland. It wasn’t good for Greece.

  5. Vince

    Reminds me of what Finland wore at the olympic hockey tournament in Sochi ( Quite nice!

  6. Derby

    Never said they were. Personally I think England should play in red and white with the george cross as our badge. Have you heard the song, red, white and blue, World Cup willie.? You probably aren’t old enough mike to remember that one. Lol. Just think they could make more of the England shirt. a href=”#comment-624513″>@Mike

  7. 95VJay

    It’s the exact same shirt as the away shirt of Vitesse. It’s just a catalogue shirt… and that for a national team (even though it’s “just” Finland), just disappointing Nike

  8. matt

    Same template we’ve seen before, but in these colours it looks really nice and evokes Finland.

  9. MK

    Nike is so lazy. They use plain white on Finland, South Korea, Portugal away, and England, with a very boring design

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