New Under Armour Colo Colo Jersey 2014

This is the new Under Armour Colo Colo home jersey 2014, Chilean side Colo Colo’s new home shirt for the 2014 season. Colo Colo are switching kit manufacturers from Umbro to Under Armour, and this is their first new kit as part of the Under Armour deal. The Baltimore based company have inked a five year deal with Colo-Colo.

The kit were officially unveiled on January 2, but a leaked picture of Colo Colo player Felipe Flores in the new jersey had been doing the rounds of the internet prior to the official release. The club also officially announced Jaime Valdes as a player during the event.

Black shirt will serve as the change/away kit, with the goalkeeper tops also shown in the pics below.

Colo Colo Soccer Jersey 2014

New Colo-Colo 2014 Jersey

Black Colo-Colo Kit 2014

Colo-Colo Away Shirt 2014

Under Armour Colo Colo Jersey 2014

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  1. Ebony

    Hi can anyone tell me where I can buy a colo-colo home strip? I live in Australia and can’t seem to find anything anywhere just pictures showing the kit and it’s history

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