New Everton Away Kit 13/14- Yellow Everton Away Shirt Nike 2013/2014

This is the new Everton away kit 2013/14, Everton FC’s new away shirt for the forthcoming Premier League season. The new Everton kit has been made by Nike and was officially unveiled on August 6, 2013 by the Toffees. The new away shirt is predominantly yellow with blue around the shoulders and a single horizontal blue stripe below. The V-neck shirt is sponsored by Chang Beer and is paired with blue shorts, as the pics below tell us

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Yellow Everton Shirt 2013 14

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New Everton Away Kit 13 14

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32 thoughts on “New Everton Away Kit 13/14- Yellow Everton Away Shirt Nike 2013/2014

  1. Daniel

    I like the template (same as montpellier) but this color combination is not as good as the french side’s.

  2. JonLCFC

    Too much blue on the home shirt for me. The single blue stripe across the chest and sleeves would suffice

  3. Toffee Frog

    That is very smart i like the colour combo

    I think it needs yellow shorts so there isnt too much blue


  4. little-leeMUFC

    I like the fact these everton kits are not just standard templates that we see in the lower leagues, good set of kits for them this year, as they were last season as well!

  5. Vince

    Good looking, but I’m just getting a little bit bored of the yellow away kits that seem to be the strong tendancy this summer.

  6. MattyP

    If they bring out a third kit it will probably be black and blue stripes or something. What will they wear when the go to Chelsea?

  7. cristian

    Like Everton of Chile, nice colors as is the sea and sky, my loved football club in Chile

  8. balaji

    where is the third kit , for playing against chelsea, crystal palace , wigan away games….

  9. dustedvinyl

    Smart kit… Be interesting to see what the 3rd kit is.. guessing white or grey as so many have nailed the trip to Chelski. Hell, the Toffees could have come out with paisley kits and it still would not be as bad as the rubbish Christmas jumpers the red shite are wearing away this campaign. Still, could be worse… see Cardiff home kit.

  10. Les Glum

    clearly only going to be worn when changing kit against a team who don’t play in Blue. Very smart kit though !

  11. ant

    @ balaji. chelsea and palace dont wear yellow, so the kit would be ok for them. its mostly yellow so i can’t see it being a problem against teams in blue. could possible do with a change of shorts for some away teams. And wigan play in the championship, so i cant see that one being a problem.

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