New Leeds Away Kit 2013/14- Navy and Gold Macron LUFC Away Strip 13-14

This is the new Leeds away kit 2013/14, Leeds United’ new change strip for the forthcoming 2013/2014 Championship season. This navy and gold Leeds shirt has been made by Macron and was officially unveiled by the Whites on July 22, 2013

Enterprise Insurance are the principal sponsors of this new LUFC 13/14 away shirt.

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New Leeds United Away Kit 2013 14

New Leeds United Away Kit 13 14

Leeds United Away Top Closeup

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LUFC Shirt Back

Macron Navy and Gold Leeds Kit 2013 2014

22 thoughts on “New Leeds Away Kit 2013/14- Navy and Gold Macron LUFC Away Strip 13-14


    Is it depressing for leeds fans that Diouf is there most recognisable player? scruffs

  2. JonLCFC

    I’m guessing now that last years blue kit will become third choice. Interesting. Apparently Leicesters kit will be gold too

  3. zazeeqo


    dont get that thick bold Gold bit of collar. It sticks out like a sore thumb. They should of made the whole collar the same.
    But its still a nice kit. Macron does another decent job 😉

  4. BenBlade

    Love this kit. I hear our away kit is yellow and green next season … Using this design I hope! Top marks LUFC and macron

  5. Eric

    Macron does a great job again.
    Really like their shirts, that tight fit looks nice.
    Combination of colours is always good too.
    Great designers over there..

  6. James

    Wasn’t expecting much, this isn’t amazing but it’s better than most of the monstrosities macron come up with. Think if the collar was the same the whole way around it would look better. I have no problem with the colour.

  7. Lucky

    Sorry to buck the trend but i think its awful. It’s all about personal taste and this is something i cannot take too. I was hoping this would be a shirt top i could buy as i was so disappointed with the home top i resolved not to purchase it.
    I will have to wait another season before looking to buy. For the record, i don’t think the colour combination on this works and there is ‘too much’ going on with it.
    Each to their own, but this does nothing for me. Hope sales go well for the benefit of the club but they won’t get one from me and i’m sad about that.

  8. Leeds white

    Yet another load of garbage, when will the kit suppliers realise what the fans want, SIMPLE; all white home kit and all Yellow away kit. not this load of shyt

  9. Aron Ayala

    I too think this looks awful.
    The classic Leeds United kits are now Conference standard.

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