New Juventus Away Shirt 2013-14- Nike Yellow Juve Kit 13-14

This is the new Juventus away kit 2013/14, Juve’s new change strip for the forthcoming 13/14 Serie A campaign. The new Juve away shirt has been made by Nike and was officially unveiled on July 10, 2013 by the Bianconeri. Like Arsenal who unveiled their Nike away kit yesterday, Juve have also opted for a yellow and blue combo

Andrea Pirlo and his team mates are here seen modelling the new Juventus away kit 2013/2014.

New Juventus Away Kit 2013 14

New Juventus Away Jersey 2014

Juve Away Kit Closeup

Juve Away Kit Yellow

Juve Away Socks

Blue Juve Shorts 2013 14

25 thoughts on “New Juventus Away Shirt 2013-14- Nike Yellow Juve Kit 13-14

  1. Sean

    I thought black last year and pink year before that looked better than this.

    Nothing against yellow and blue as a combo, but it is too great a reminder of Brazil/Sweden.

    For Arsenal, it primarily works because it’s a throwback to their “invinicibles” kit.

    Not too sure about the Bianconeri representation of the colour. Looks nice on the sleeves, but the collar seems a bit off.

  2. Selle

    The reason why they choose the yellow and blue colours, is beacause its the colours of the city of Turin.

    HereĀ“s a pic of the city shield: upload(dot)wikimedia(dot)org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/51/Turin_coat_of_arms.svg/300px-Turin_coat_of_arms(dot)svg(dot)png

  3. Gerd

    Not a fan! The shorts look so tight on the players. The yellow isn’t a nice bright colour like Dortmund. Just ugly!

  4. garbage

    Juve had a yellow jersey in 2005-2006, an alternate, with blue shorts.


  5. Les Glum

    a bit odd looking with the black & white trim on the shirts but no black or white on the shorts. looks as if they have worn the shorts from a different set of kit ! !

  6. Sean


    A third shirt if I recollect correctly.

    I didn’t say they’ve never had yellow, but just said blue seemed to be a more primary colour than yellow.

  7. Michael

    Better than the Arsenal away, nicer collar, no hoops on the socks, a better shade of yellow

  8. eugene


    not always. look this:


    away kit in the early 80’s. same as now. nike did something right for once

  9. me

    third kit 2005-06: www(dot)colours-of-football(dot)com/colours03/ita/juventus/juventus_2(dot)html

  10. karen creber

    classy effort(typical italian),seems to me english clubs are choosing the crap nike templates.

  11. skeel hart

    its arsenal….just the sponsor is black colour here….nike just plashing money but out of ideas………

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