New Cardiff City Jersey 2013-2014 Puma Cardiff Home Kit 13-14 Premier League

This is the new Cardiff City home kit 2013/2014, newly promoted Premier League side Cardiff’s new home shirt for the forthcoming season. The new Cardiff City jersey has been made by Puma and was officially unveiled on May 29, 2013. Cardiff earned promotion to the Premiership as winners of the 2012/13 Championship season. Puma have retained red as the primary colour for Cardiff’s home strip, and have this season gone for a dual tone look

In the words of Cardiff City, the two Puma King stripes are a reflection of fans’ loyalty to the club.

As with last season, Malaysia will be sponsors of the new jersey.

Update- 31 May, 2013– Following criticism from the fans, the club conducted an online fan vote, asking them to choose from four different colours for the shorts, and after seeing the results, have decided to wear black for next season.

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33 thoughts on “New Cardiff City Jersey 2013-2014 Puma Cardiff Home Kit 13-14 Premier League

  1. Sean

    “the two Puma King stripes are a reflection of fans’ loyalty to the club”


    And not a Cardiff fan, but it must be hard enough for them to accept one shade of red, let alone two.

  2. Mr John

    Outstanding. Change the club’s colours, ride the wave of outrage, change them even further in the same direction. Will they keep the old blue kit as an away strip I wonder?

    No honour amongst thieves and businessmen.

  3. Andy

    Red top and dark red shorts?? Terrible combo. As if it’s not bad enough they changed the team’s identity and badge! Now they have an awful puma template kit.

  4. Carl

    Who does this? Who has a two-toned shirt/shorts combo? Beyond destroying the historic identity of the club, to then make such a ludicrous aesthetic choice? I am speechless. So poor it’s beyond words.

  5. Mr Macca

    Lifelong Cardiff City Supporter – mortified at the further embarrassment heaped upon my club, by our dictator investor.
    He can make our team where purple and pink spots, we will still be a Blue team with blue song, when we were promoted the blues are up rang out, no one even those few wearing the replica red tops chanted anything about red or dragons.

    That’s not who we are, nor is it who we will ever be!

  6. Luke Y

    @Mr Macca
    I wouldn’t like to see Cardiff stay with this red nonsense. It looks embarrassing. I’d hate to see something like this happen to my City. Unreal. This is what happens when business owners take a football club over.

  7. Sam

    Poor club, they dont deserve to wear this, and me even being from Australia, cant imagine what people from Cardiff are thinking. the history of the club is being tarnished for this……appalling. And this has already been mentioned a lot, like the red shirt and black shorts was enough of a change, and now they produce this rubbish, it looks disgusting.
    Last seasons blue away kit was a true cardiff city shirt, if they dont have a blue away shirt… its ridiculous

  8. Michael

    The shorts look like the kind of thing someone wears as a makeshift solution in Sunday league football when there isn’t enough kit.

    The shorts should be black or even a dark blue as a nod to their history.
    The logo and badge are very strangely positioned.
    The collar is just weird.
    Overall it just looks very amateur and it’s not at all fitted.

    This really is bad from Puma, who always seem to mess up football kits for some reason with bizarre attempts at being different. If you make players feel stupid wearing kits like this it will knock their confidence a little, something Cardiff won’t need.

  9. Mr Macca

    Further devolpements a pool of Cardiff City supporters were given an option of choosing the replacement shorts, but despite the fact there were many requests that a blue short be used as the replacement, blue was no even in the options, instead we had the choice of; The dirty red, the same red, white or black.

    So its look like a poor mans Liverpool, or an even poorer man’s Man U.
    So still Cardiff City fans are being played.

  10. Zazeeqo

    Calm down guys. Its still Cardiff city, just with a different look.
    And thyve changed the shorts to black now after fan vote.

  11. Paulie

    Cringeworthy. Looks like a kit a pub team might wear. At least they’ve decided to go with the black shorts – but the bloke modelling the kit looks like he’s inhaling very bitter fart.

  12. dazzer

    should have 2 sheep on it at least for the welsh connection they shouldnt be in the english league anyway there welsh duh……

  13. n r t

    tradition is very impotant……cardiff should wear blue…..doesn’t matter how well designed the kit is…’s just wrong……i’m not a cardiff fan by the way

  14. Asyraf

    The Owner From Malaysia…Amazing Malaysia..Visit Malaysia 2013/2014….Malaysia BEST..

  15. gigadrain

    The red combo with white looks perfect. If the home jersey changed to blue would be better .

  16. jrmy

    one of the ugliest kits i had ever seen. This over used template is crap. And the kit itself looks boringgg and oh godd its soo sad :(. + its red… T.T

  17. Adam Boulton

    never thought I’d say this but I feel sorry for the cardiff city faithful.
    its just WRONG…!

  18. Les Glum

    Update- 31 May, 2013- Following criticism from the fans, the club conducted an online fan vote, asking them to choose from four different colours for the shorts, and after seeing the results, have decided to wear black for next season.

    What absolute nonsense !


    Poor Cardiff fans, not content with changing away from their beloved Blue & White, they have instantly become a laughing stock with this shambolic excuse for a kit !

    Is there anybody at Cardiff who has a clue ??

  19. Hughsie

    You’re a twat. Look up your history, Cardiff were invited to play in the football league because it was struggling to survive in the early days.

  20. oscar

    i’m from malaysia this kit not beautiful … please change because i looks very simple and i like jersey cardiff in seasons 2012/13

  21. Dyers

    I’ve been a season ticket for the last 10 yr’s and yes, the Kit is a total embarrassment , Bluebirds we’ll be forever ! Yes we’ve sold our soul to the devil, MONEY !! As most will know we have a very poor history when it comes to finances, Sam the Man / Peter risdale , So when a Wealthy consortium comes along and ploughs money into the club , things starting changing for the good at last, People change their perspectives ! (but the history stays with them)
    At the end of the day it’s down to the supporter to buy a kit or not , personally I will be wearing the away kit as a silent protest , if people don’t buy kits they will realise it’s not making money etc. Blue in Malaysia is suppose to be unlucky and Red lucky , Since Mr Tan has taken over everything as gone strength to strength , so something is going right for a change . ” BLUEBIRDS ” BLUEBIRDS ” ( In 5 yr’s the malaysians pull out , Another consortium buy’s in and changes back to blue again I bet )

  22. malaysian

    i’m malaysian… but i think this gone too far… it’s wrong to change the logo and this kit is shit because of “malaysia”… what the hell is wrong with Mr. Tan ?

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