New Barcelona Away Kit for 2013/14 to have Senyera colours?

According to reliable media reports in Spain, Barcelona’s new 13/14 away kit will bear the colours of the Senyera ( Catalan Flag). FCB’s new away jersey will be in the Catalan flag’s golden yellow and red colours

Barcelona’s current 12/13 away kit is an orange yellow creation from Nike.

League rivals Valencia currently have a modified Senyera jersey that serves as their European away shirt.

A possible design for the new Barca 2013/2014 away shirt, made by Nike and featuring Qatar Foundation as sponsors, is seen below.

Edited- Another pic of a possible 13/14 jersey, again with Senyera colours. Old design in the second photo.

Barcelona Senyera Equpiacion

barcelona senyera 2013 jersey

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23 thoughts on “New Barcelona Away Kit for 2013/14 to have Senyera colours?

  1. hdfydyyufhi

    Whatever about this being the jetsey the away kit will definately be senyera as barca have come out and said it themselves

  2. Ross

    Whatever you think about the design, this kit is more about what it means to the people of Barca/Catalonia. I think it’s a good move from the club, and no matter what a kit looks like, it’ll still sell millions.

  3. MDHP

    Zoran :
    Nice kit but doesnt suit barcelona

    FC Barcelona are first and foremost a football club from Barcelona, Catalonia. Wether foreign fans like it or not, this is a neccessary nod to the only ones who should really support Barça as their first team.

  4. NUEL

    If BARCA get this kit I am likely gonna stop supporting them. Cos the kit is too poor for a team with BARCELONAs pedigree even poor african football clubs are stepping up how on earth could something. Like this be made for the almighty BARCENONA. Let someone pls tell me or has NIKE lost its creativity why can’t they think of something better. I won’t buy or wear this not even when am dead.

  5. Creosote

    ** MES QUE UN CLUB **

    some of the inanity that people allow themselves to express on these threads can be very disturbing. how are you going to stop supporting a team just on the fact that you don’t like their kit? Barcelona are a Catalan football club.. this kit simply reflects the colours of their flag and is arguably more popular to the people of the region than even the club’s famed indigo/plum home strip.

    if people are fickle enough to revoke whatever delusional ideation of ‘support’ they have in their minds over such fickle reasons, then it’s just as well they did – there are far too many posers in the fanbase at any rate, and they need to be whittled out.

    *thumbs up*

    i’m glad they introduced and stuck by the latter version of this kit for the season. i really it was a great improvement.

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