New Kilmarnock Kit 2016-17 | Killie FC Nike Home Strip 16-17

This is the new Killie strip 2016/2017, Kilmarnock FC’s new home kit for the upcoming Scottish Premier League season. The Rugby Park outfit have opted for a switch from Errea to Nike, with the latter (in the form of Just Sport) inking a three year deal beginning the 2016/17 season.. The new top was officially unveiled on June 1, 2016.

Killie finished 11th in the 2015/16 season, and had to face Falkirk in a relegation-promotion playoff, but registered a thumping 4-0 victory in the second leg to win 4-1 on aggregate and preserve their Premier League status.

However there will be no change in the principal sponsor, with QTS again committing to appear on the front of the jersey.

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New Kilmarnock Strip 2016 17

Killie Home Top 2016 2017

12 thoughts on “New Kilmarnock Kit 2016-17 | Killie FC Nike Home Strip 16-17

  1. Russel1311

    As a club I think you have a responsibility to your fans, to not rip them off. This straight-from-the-catalogue replacement for a decent Errea kit is exactly that. It’s cost cutting for the club, but still costs the same for the fans. It stinks.

  2. Albert

    Russel1311 your spot on. I am no fan of Kilmarnock F.C but in there defence they are not the only club to use templates out of a catalogue & as far as Nike teamwhere go’s this template is as good as it gets FK Partizan have the same Nike template as this for there new home kit on in Black & white I prefer this template to the new
    F.C Barcelona home kit to be honest but templates aside Nike it’s are very cheaply made no they all have the feel of a binbag about them totally a wast of money.

  3. EK

    Such a shame — had they just gone with the plain old stripes instead of this poor gradient template it would have been a very fine kit.

  4. Aldo64

    The fans are being sold down the river once again…..the kit is from a NEW Collection available to all and sundry…………..Nike themselves are not even involved in the production, its a cheap option and a complete cop out. Kilmarnock FC are a big enough club to wear a KIT specially designed for them not an option that the DOG and DUCK pub could buy on a Sunday afternoon….Kilmarnock FC should at least have an identity at least on our Home Kit….

    The club announcement is making out a NIKE involvement and commitment? Where from..??The club is selling themselves and the fans down the river. They have had an option to buy kit from one of the biggest Global manufacturers within Team wear yet buy from a catalogue?? Killie Badge is worth more than that….

  5. Yorkshireimp

    Anything involved with justsport usually means a poor deal for the club and fans. Last seasons Errea kits looked superb.

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