Leeds Away Kit 15 16

Yellow Leeds Away Kit 2015-2016 Kappa LUFC Alternate Shirt 15-16

This is the new Leeds away kit 2015/16, Leeds United’s new alternate strip for the upcoming Championship season. Made by Kappa, the new LUFC away kit was officially unveiled on July 29, 2015.

Leeds and Kappa have chosen to go retro for their away kit. The strip is all yellow and like the home shirt, does not have any sponsor on the front

At first glance, the away kit appears to use the same template as the home shirt barring the blue cuffs on the sleeve.

Leeds have also announced that they will not be releasing a third kit for the upcoming Championship season, meaning that we will see them either in white or yellow in 15/16.

This yellow LUFC away kit will first see action when the Whites take on Everton in a pre-season friendly this weekend.

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Leeds Away Kit 15 16

9 thoughts on “Yellow Leeds Away Kit 2015-2016 Kappa LUFC Alternate Shirt 15-16

  1. Lloyd

    Terrible away kit . I’d rather wear the new Middlesbrough away kit . Looks more decent.

    ( WOLVES FAN )

  2. Pedro

    They could have gone all out for the retro look and used the script initials in place of the crest. Quite smart in an understated way, though the Kappa text on the right shoulder and the crests on the arms do detract from the retro idea. In that regard, refraining from the addition of a shirt sponsor is a good idea, and may actually encourage more fans to buy the kit.

  3. JJ

    Why omit the blue cuffs? We could’ve then said the away kit was the home one dipped in a vat of yellow dye 😀

  4. Albert

    Would have looked better in amber rather than yellow the crest just disappears in to the yellow the further away you are not a good look is it now ?.

    A 5 year old could come up.with a better idea for a Leeds United away kit than Kappa have. Home kit is nice retro looking but away kits need to be more
    radical in my view the idea being is to stand out from the rest and this away kit acheves none of this in anyway what so ever.

  5. Russel1311

    I don’t really understand what’s not to like about these kits – simple, bold and apart from the silly positioning of the Kappa logo, no unnecessary detailing. Nice job.

  6. Waldschrat

    Great kits, both of them. Simple and sticking to the club’s heritage. Only thing to complain about is that shirts, shorts and socks vary in the shade of yellow used. At least that’s how it looks – socks are darker than the shirt, and the shirt is darker than the shorts.

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