New SWFC Kit 15/16- Chansiri Sheffield Wednesday Sondico Home Shirt 2015/16

This is the new Sheffield Wednesday home kit 2015/16, SWFC’s new home shirt for the upcoming Championship season. Made by Sondico, the new SWFC 15/16 strip was officially unveiled on June 1, 2015. The Owls finished 13th in the 2014/15 Championship season, with 14 wins, 18 draws and 14 losses for an eventual total of 60 points. They were knocked out of the FA and League Cups by Man City.

Wednesday’s new home top has Chansiri (family name of chairman Dejphon Chansiri) as their shirt sponsor

The shirt, which uses Sondico’s Optivent technology, has a three button placket and WAWAW on the reverse of the collar. It will be paired with black shorts and white socks.

The shirt is here seen modelled by Jose Semedo

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19 thoughts on “New SWFC Kit 15/16- Chansiri Sheffield Wednesday Sondico Home Shirt 2015/16

  1. Sean

    Chansiri for sponsor? Not so sure, but better than Azerbaijan I guess.

    Some nice touches here and there, but doesn’t quite hit the mark when you look at it as a whole.

  2. Albert

    I would give this kit a 9 out of 10 on things that let this kit down are the sponsor lets it down Azerbaijan was mutch beter and I dont like the WAWAW
    its perfect apart from.that and the quality looks beter than last season from

  3. Moza

    Not feeling this kit to be honest. WAWAW “We’re all Wednesday aren’t we” apparently.

  4. Russel1311

    This is miles better than anything else Sondico have done, but they still can’t quite shake that shoddy early-nineties feel.

  5. Chris

    @Baggio Blue
    Why do you care bout United’s kit, forget them and concentrate on Wednesday, their fans are right alot of owls fans are obsessed with the blades, on another note nice kit 🙂

  6. BaggioBlue

    Obsessed with the Blades?
    On the contrary.
    Many of the other S Yorks sides are obsessed with the Owls.
    I made mention of United’s kit because, although I like Adidas as a rule, I think the coming seasons kit is terrible as, I’m told, do many Blunts ..

  7. Jordan

    The reason he has sponsored his self is so we can never be held up by the transfer embargo rules due to the fact he can give his self as much as we mare no matter what it’s a really smart loophole actually

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