New West Brom Kit 14/15- Adidas WBA Pinstripe Shirt 2014/2015

This is the new West Brom home kit 2014/15, West Bromwich Albion’ new home strip for the upcoming Premier League season. Made by Adidas, the new Albion top features a radical change from the club’s traditional stripes to a pinstripe design, and was officially unveiled by the Baggies on 11th July, 2014.

Albion, who finished 17th in the 2013/14 Premier League season, have however indicated that they will revert to their traditional stripes again in the 2015/16 season.

Intuit Quickbooks are the sponsors of the new WBA home jersey 2014/15, as can be seen in the pics below

West Brom Pinstripe Shirt 2014 2015

New WBA Home Shirt 2014 2015

New West Brom Home Kit 2014 15

WBA Back

WBA Pinstripes Kit 14 15

West Bromwich Albion Home Kit 2014 15

WBA Goalkeeper Shirt

25 thoughts on “New West Brom Kit 14/15- Adidas WBA Pinstripe Shirt 2014/2015

  1. Sean

    Albion resorting to emotionally blackmailing their fans using the tagline “Through thick and thin”

  2. mike

    General concensus for us Baggies is ‘great kit, but it is NOT albion’

    the chairman said he was pressured into making a decision and thought it would be a good change and potential future classic (like the early 90’s barcode), he has admitted it was naive and has re-assured the return of traditional stripes next year.

    The clubs official blurb also says stripes return next year, only reiterating the admittion of a cock up.

  3. Moza

    As an Albion fan I’m disgusted with this kit! Adidas have done the same as they did with Southampton last season, and the club have allowed it! To make it worse, the club have already said to the fans “dont worry, we’re releasing another more traditional shirt next year!” Still I’m sure many fans will still buy it out of duty!

  4. Shwa Shwa

    As with everyone else, I agree that it looks fairly nice. However, I think the sponsor chose a poor logo and the placement is wayyyy too high on the front. 5/10

  5. Carl

    Like Inter’s, it’s great looking IMO, but not in keeping with the long-term tradition of the club.

  6. dvm

    it is a bit concerning just how many clubs are allowing their kit suppliers to change their club kit colours/design.

  7. Brian87

    It’s a great looking kit, but everything that is not associated with WBA. Why are adidas intent on crapping on the traditions of clubs? Nike may have changed the Inter Milan design but that is at the request of the club owner (which is still wrong), yet adidas have forced these untraditional designs onto both Southampton the last two seasons, and now WBA this upcoming season. I hope WBA boycott buying all kits this season.

  8. Little lee

    I understand why Baggie fans are unhappy but it’s a very nice kit and as a united fan I’m excited for Adidas to be taking over the nike deal

  9. RealChelsea

    u must be kidding u pessimists…. this could be one of the greatest kits ever for this season in the premier league….

    oh, I just loved it when I heard Adidas was the next kit supplier for man united (even for a Chelsea fan…). hail Adidas

  10. RHKM

    Bring back the wide navy blue stripes, with red numbers, white shorts.
    Use away kits to try out non-traditional designs. How about yellow and green hoops…?

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