New Fulham Away Kit 2013/2014- FFC Adidas Away Shirt 13/14

This is the new Fulham away kit 13/14, Fulham FC’s new away shirt for the forthcoming Premier League season. The new FFC away top is based on the away kit worn by the club during its successful 2000/01 season when it won promotion to the Premiership.

Fulham got some yesteryear legends to help model the kit, as can be seen in the pics below.

New Fulham Away Kit 13 14

Fulham Away Shirt 2013 2014

FFC Shirt 2013 14

30 thoughts on “New Fulham Away Kit 2013/2014- FFC Adidas Away Shirt 13/14

  1. JonLCFC

    Great how they’ve only shown half the top. Brilliant. There better be a black/ yellow third kit

  2. Carl

    Very smart looking shirt!
    I haven’t said this about many of their shirts this year but, good work Adidas! 😀

    @CTFC14 – That’s Rufus Brevett, he was a key player for us some years ago 🙂

  3. ste

    Nice altough they are probabaly gonna launch a horrible third kit in about october and stop using it

  4. SC

    #3, for sure. Really any solid dark color would work. Probably not the best idea to use that much white on it with a white home shirt…

  5. Funniest. Person. EVER.

    It’s the 13th anniversary of when we last won promotion to the premiership. To honor that let’s make our away kit look the same as it did that year. Makes perfect sense and cuts design costs.

  6. Frimpong...

    Quite a nice kit, fair enough the adidas kits have all been like the ‘bat wings’ design, but this is possibly the best kit too come out of adidas this season!

  7. Paul Steele

    When I first saws this I really liked it and still do and thought at last a unique design for Fulham. But have just seen it is the same template used by Bristol City and Hull from last season. Now I am not against templates being used but to use one from last season for a premier league club and then pass it off as a retro design from 2000/01 is a bit rich even by Fulham’s standards

  8. Zazeeqo

    Great, unusual kit!!!

    But nothing will beat Last years away kit though. That was classsssssss.

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