New Charlton Away Kit 13-14- White CAFC Away Shirt 2013-14 Nike

This is the new Charlton away kit 13/14, CAFC’s new change strip for the forthcoming Championship season. The new Charlton away top has been made by Nike and was officially unveiled on July 5, 2013. The shirt features a new sponsor in Andrews Heat for Hire and uses a Nike template we’ve seen a fair number of times this season

CAFC’s new away jersey is predominantly white with black trim, as can be seen in the pics below.

White Charlton Shirt 2013 2014

CAFC Away Kit 2013 14

20 thoughts on “New Charlton Away Kit 13-14- White CAFC Away Shirt 2013-14 Nike

  1. JonLCFC

    It’s almost painful how unimaginative Nike are. Did they just take the kits from Old Trafford, bring them to London and stick Charlton badges and sponsors on them? Awful

  2. Evan

    I really hate with the new nike template like the man utd 12/13, nike can make better

  3. Eric

    Seen them before, yes, but..
    Nice shirts, don´t really look like they´re meant to play soccer in thoug.

  4. Mystery Man

    This looks even better than the MU kit last year. It must be because of the matching collar.

  5. Drew

    @JonLCFC yeah it sucks. Nike seem to be making a kit that’s bespoke for the bigger clubs, then turning that into a template the next year. Examples:

    – Man Utd 09/10 home “V” top used by Doncaster, Southend, Oxford
    – Arsenal 10/11 away (diagonal halves) later used by Scun-thorpe
    – Barca 12/13 away (graded) used by Dundee and Charlton
    – Arsenal 12/13 home (sleeve hoops) used by Everton
    – Man Utd 12/13 away used by Charlton, Linfield, Werder Bremen…

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