New Metalist Kharkiv Kit 13-14- Adidas FC Metalist Jerseys 2013-14

These are the new Metalist kits 13/14, FC Metalist Kharkiv’s new kits for the 2013/2014 Ukrainian Premier League season. Metalist finished second in Ukraine last season behind champions Shakhtar Donetsk and will be competing in the qualifying rounds of the Champions League this year. Metalist’s new jerseys have been made by Adidas and were officially unveiled on July 2, 2013 by the club. The new home shirt is the yellow one in the pic below, with the darker blue serving as the alternate kit.

FC Metalist Adidas

Metalist Football Shirt 2013 14

Metalist Kharkiv Away Shirt 2013 14

New Metalist Kharkiv Kit 13 14

New Metalist Kharkiv Soccer Jersey 2013 2014

8 thoughts on “New Metalist Kharkiv Kit 13-14- Adidas FC Metalist Jerseys 2013-14

  1. Octavia

    Not bad even though its still using the stupid “V” template that even AC Milan have fallen prey to…

  2. Sean

    I had a look at Metalist on wiki, and the number of South American players on their roll is unbelievable. There are as many South American players as Ukrainians in their side.

  3. skeel hart

    these are really nice kits… i wonder if shakthar are not regretting for having opted for money instead of class & wonder

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