New England Nike Football Kit Deal- Nike to manufacture Three Lions Shirts from 2013

The FA have announced that they have signed a contract with Nike that will see the American giant replace Umbro as kit partners for the England national football team. The first new Nike England football kits will be released in spring next year ( 2013) and the deal is in place till July 2018. The new kit deal announcement was made by the FA on 3 September, 2012.

Eng Nike Kit Deal

Umbro was a subsidiary of Nike before they made the decision to sell the company earlier this summer and focus on their core assets. England’s new kit deal mirrors that of reigning Premier League champions Manchester City, currently outfitted by Umbro, but who will also be switching to Nike next season.

The FA, established in 1863, will be celebrating their 150th anniversary next year.

Nike will make kits for both the men’s and women’s team at all levels.

The deal is a welcome boost for Nike, who recently lost the rights to make the English national rugby team’s kits to Canterbury.

17 thoughts on “New England Nike Football Kit Deal- Nike to manufacture Three Lions Shirts from 2013

  1. Lukudu

    Not good in my opinion. Even though England have failed to contend in major competitions, I feel like this decision is taking away part of their history. England have always worn English brand kits. It would be like Germany switching to Macron or Mizuno. However it could be worse *cough* Cardiff in red…

  2. ryan

    Umbro’s recent kits are very classy, there is no doubt about that, but Nike’s kits do have some interesting templates, and, if pulled off correctly, look great e.g. the arsenal home or brazil home or USA away or New Zealand home are examples of this. As long as they don’t produce a stupid kit with too much detailing it’ll be fine. a nice Watermarked lion or something on a retro looking kit with the possibility of shadow stripes would be a welcome developement, as would the idea of maybe a anniversary badge.

  3. Forza Juve

    It is all about global distribution. Umbro is a very well known football brand but Nike is a leviathan in comparison. I was initially bothered when Juve switched from Kappa & then Lotto to Nike but before that switch it was a challenge to find Juve products. Nike will make a great jersey for England and English fans world wide will be happy when they see how easy it is to find Three Lions items readily available.

  4. Lawson

    Its a shame. Umbro may be owned by a US company but its still English. Hopefully they can get the job back in the future.

  5. pab-zab

    The material used in Umbro kits are 100% better than that crap Nike use ……… IMO …… sad news

  6. Alb-LIVE

    umbro is very bad it makes same designs for every year and its loosing teams, New Northern Ireland kits are made by addidas now

  7. Insight

    Umbro is Nike’s subsidiary. Hence, at the end, it doesn’t matter. A sad fact, if any, is that England kit is no longer tailored by an English company. But then again, it doesn’t matter since Umbro is owned by Nike, an American company.

  8. sheamus

    it’s sad to see umbro go…umbro has designed the best in england kit in the past until today…england team will miss umbro…

  9. Paul T

    I will certainly get this shirt, it is a proud feeling to have worked at wembley stadium whom the FA own and to get this shirt i will treasure it for life and beyond!

  10. kim g

    Hey um I know its a wee bit late but don’t reply in 13 and not check that Umbro got sold by Nike…so hope that settles that line of comments so less who owns more reviews on it….speaking from it Nike will put out some very plain jerseys on this one just a prediction

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