New Sunderland Strip 2017 2018

New Sunderland Strip 2017-2018 | SAFC Adidas Home Kit 17-18

This is the new SAFC kit 2017/18, Sunderland’s new home strip for the upcoming Championship season. Made by Adidas, the new SAFC top was officially unveiled on 11 June, 2017. The Black Cats were relegated from the Premiership at the end of the 16/17 season along with Hull and Middlesbrough, with manager David Moyes also leaving the Stadium of Light after just ten months in charge.

As they aim to return to the top flight, the Black Cats have turned to the past for inspiration, with this strip inspired by the club’s first ever red and white shirt from the 1880’s. The jersey, which has a solid back, is sponsored by Dafabet.

New Sunderland Strip 2017 2018

8 thoughts on “New Sunderland Strip 2017-2018 | SAFC Adidas Home Kit 17-18

  1. Sean

    Absolutely dreadful.

    Looks like some NUFC guy in the Adidas department designed that kit.

  2. Greg

    Red stripes that thin never look good, they just turn into a pallid strawberry milkshake sort of colour from a distance. Coupled with the massive black collar and cuffs and the completely needless plain back, this is just nasty. And why is the goalkeeper’s kit white?

    I’m glad we won’t be seeing it on Match of the Day.

  3. Szin

    I don’t think it’s too bad, but that could be because I’m somewhat accustomed to thin red and white stripes given my team of choice having worn them in the past. The back though… yuck yuck yuck. Hope Adidas don’t give us a solid back.

    Also the black cuffs need to be thinner. Looks like they’re wearing permanent black armbands.

  4. Daniel Jones

    It looks good close up as a shirt. The black collar and on the sleeves are a nice touch. However, it does look pretty bad from the team pics and seeing it on the pitch.

  5. BT

    Sunderland or Sheffield United?

    The club’s a bit of a mess atm and this doesn’t help rectify that perception one bit.

  6. Impartial Matt

    In the words of the chuckle brothers..
    Oh dear oh dear,
    Oh dear oh dear oh dear

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