New Everton Umbro Kit 15-16- Everton Home Jersey 2015-2016

This is the new Everton home kit 2015/16, Everton’s new strip for the upcoming Premier League season. Made by Umbro, the new EFC 15/16 home shirt was officially unveiled on May 21, 2015 although Umbro had given a sneak peek of sorts by releasing pics of babies modelling the kit a day before. The shirt is expected to see action this weekend against Tottenham Hotspur.

The strip looks simple at first look- blue shirt with white shorts and white socks, but a deeper look tells us that the shorts have a blue waistband at the top. The Umbro logo is seen at three places- on the front as well as on both arms. The shirt has a V-neck and is sponsored by Chang

The goalkeeper jersey is a bit funky, and here are Leighton Baines, Ross Barkley and Tim Howard modelling the new Everton kit.

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Jersey Everton 2015 2016

Everton Kit Babies

Everton Home Kit 2015 2016

Everton Umbro Kit 15 16

Everton GK Shirt 2015 16

15 thoughts on “New Everton Umbro Kit 15-16- Everton Home Jersey 2015-2016

  1. Sean

    The white thing at the top looks like a baby’s bib, not surprised they chose babies to model it first!

    Shorts and GK shirt look weird too.

    Do Umbro normally have their logo in three places?

  2. gary

    why did they change the umbro sign? I know its been like that for a few years now but it looks very uneven compared to the old umbro sign and just doesn’t look right on football shirts, they would have been better removing the word umbro from the logo seeing as it plastered on both arms anyway, also whats the deal with the shorts, it looks like a part of the shirt is tucked in with the bottom of the shirt hanging out over the top of the shorts, really looks like umbro ran out of ideas

  3. Les Glum

    The neckline looks like a “V” neck shirt with someone wearing a white T shirt underneath. The Shorts look like the sort of thing people wear on the beach. Always please when Everton go back to white socks though. On the whole, at least it’s a bespoke kit and nobody else will have one like it. I’m sure it will grow on me but it doesn’t have the “WOW” factor that last years kit had.

  4. Jim

    Agree with most, it would have a fantastic shirt without that totally needless white panel, it’s as though someone who had finished designing it got a bit hired at the end and thought “oh let’s cut a bit of more white material and stick it on the neck”.

    Would have been a stylish kit if that neck had been left alone, but really someone needs to have a word over those shorts too..who on earth designed that big band at the top?

  5. HoochUK

    Is the neck a nod towards the old Le Coq Sportif kit back in the 80’s? I like it, understated.

  6. Albert

    Shades of Everton’s 1985 E.C.W.C strip for me this is a classic because this kit takes elements of a past Everton home kit and brings it bang up todate.

    Goalkeepers kit is a belter. If Everton was my club I would buy both of them.

  7. Dan safc

    A bit disappointed, and I happen to love umbro kits. For me Everton had the best home kit last season, so naturally I should have known this wouldn’t top it. Still decent though. 7.4/10

  8. Merry Christmas

    Did anyone else have an aneurysm reading this?

    Mate, the Umbro LOGO hasn’t changed and your typing style can only be described as “panicked”.

    Strip is ok. That white bib look sucks though.

  9. Daniel

    Everton were generous to give themselves 6/12 babies in that photo, but shouldn’t all the infants not wearing Everton kits be wearing the horrible new Liverpool kits? Another poor fashion year on Merseyside.

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