New Wales Soccer Jersey 2015- Adidas Wales Home Football Kit 15/16

A little over a year after they unveiled their 2014 home shirt, the Welsh FA have unveiled the nation’s new 2015 home shirt. Made by Adidas, the new Welsh home shirt was officially released on December 1, 2014.

The shirt is predominantly red, with white pinstripes and green on the sleeves and the shoulders, as can be seen in the pic below

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New Wales Football Kit 2015

New Welsh Football Shirt 2015

9 thoughts on “New Wales Soccer Jersey 2015- Adidas Wales Home Football Kit 15/16

  1. Russel

    I can understand why they’ve chosen green for the trim, but I don’t think it really works here – this looks more like a Hungary shirt than a Wales shirt. Still, good to see they’ve put at least a little bit of thought into the design.

  2. Dave

    @Akmed i can definitely see what your getting at. Maybe they just removed all the things associated with swansea and changed to them to have the welsh football team (badge, sponsor even though there isn’t a sponsor on international shirts)

  3. KitCritic

    We’re unbeaten in the Euro qualifiers, and we’re unbeaten in style! Love it, much better than the plain England one!

  4. Creosote

    @Dave & Akmed, Green and Red are Welsh colours. the Swans had them for their away strip in commemoration of their centenary season.

    i haven’t followed the Welsh national team over the years, but the strength of their current squad is very evident; add on the stylish attire and it’ll be difficult not to take notice of them this year. good luck to the Dragons in their group campaign, i hope their sparkling form continues.

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