Leaked New Barcelona Kits 2015-2016- Horizontal stripes in new Barca jersey by Nike?

The Catalan newspaper Sport has revealed images of what it claims to be Barcelona’s new kits for the 2015/16 season. According to the tabloid, Barca’s new 15/16 home jersey will feature horizontal stripes for the first time in the club’s history

The V-neck shirt has the Senyera inside the neck, as can be seen in the pic below.

Leaked Barcelona Kit 2015 2016

Barcelona Leak Kit 15 16

8 thoughts on “Leaked New Barcelona Kits 2015-2016- Horizontal stripes in new Barca jersey by Nike?

  1. Sean

    Are Nike reinventing the game for continental teams? They made a big modification to Inter’s current kit, and want to do the same for Barca next season.

  2. Dave

    @Sean, it’s all adidas and nike can think of
    Derp 1: “how do we ruin the look of a club?”
    Derp 2: “i know we shall forget about tradition, because they go down so well with the fans”
    Derp Master: “brilliant let’s go make some horrific kits that show we don’t know what tradition means and make loads of money because there are people who will buy it

  3. Creosote

    just a glimpse into what the studio quality presentations might look like. i lifted these from Scary07 on another footy kit website.


  4. chris

    come on lads, they are trying to make a more clowny shirt so neymar can feel comfortable in his little circus kk jesus christ that’s the WORST kit ever!!

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